Who i am?

Young and bilingual musician and skillful producer (and EDM ghost-producer) based in Bogotá, Colombia. Over 4 years learning music production and around 7 years learning music by himself. He has also connected with some producers and engineers working for big-name acts (Zedd, Skrillex) and constantly learning from them. Currently planning to move to Los Angeles, California in order to expand his artistic career there.


– English (Intermediate-Advanced) and Spanish (Advanced-Native).


References about me.

“Santiago is someone who allows himself to dream, who knows how to set goals and fulfill them in order to improve in all aspects of his life, he’s passionate for making music, intelligent, recursive, respectful, diligent, skilled for the solution of problems, determined to do the activities that are always entrusted to him in the way.”

Alejandro Pinzón Baldion.
Professor of Audio Essentials, Music Producer and Mixing Engineer.
ENE Audio Institute & RealMusic Studio founder.
Relationship: Uncle and mentor.


Further information.

Even though I’m young and living in Colombia, I want to make a point and say that I’m disposed to move if I get selected to a job and the employer can provide a letter certificating I’ll be working in the U.S. Thank you.


  •  Fl Studio
  •  Logic Pro
  •  Pro Tools (Basics)
  • ableton live
  • Audio Essentials & Music Theory Comprehension
  • Creative Production & Sound Design Techniques
  • Knowledge-Seeker
  • Positive & Perfectionist Mindset and Diligent & Helper Attitude.
  • Recording Engineering (Basics)


RealMusic Studio

Currently Recording Engineer-Assistant

Where most of my knowledge is coming from, I’ve been an assistant on recording sessions and covered a wide range of musical styles and genres such as rock, metal and spanish pop music.


Currently Informal Ghost Producer.

Produced, recorded, arranged and composed music for up and coming artists within the dance music scene in Colombia.

RealMusic Studio

Currently Hip-hop, Rap and Trap Beatmaker.

Produced beats from emerging artists in the Colombian hip-hop scene.