Sean Lewis



I have a long history in music production, promotion and consumption that has put me in one of the most unique careers in digital music. 10 years ago I started as an intern and worked my way into a position of passion. At nearly every turn of my career, I have been driven to help shape the way new music is discovered and consumed. I am committed to my work and confident that I can be a productive leader in any music team.


June 2010 – May 2016

Beatport, Los Angeles CA – Music Merchandising / Curation

●  Contributing writer to the Beatport News platform (electronic music editorial)
●  Helped to establish the Beatport Live webcast series (weekly live performances)
●  Headed the site management of several new platforms including Mixes (user generated mixed recordings), Sounds (retail sample packs for music production), and the Bass and Drum & Bass pages of Beatport’s Streaming site
●  Contributor to major marketing efforts including playlist content and editorial copy.
●  Development of data analysis to predict trends in genres and develop marketing campaigns

June 2005 – June 2010

Napster, Los Angeles CA – Music Programming

● Established and contributed to the first iteration of Napster’s music blog
● HelpedtoproducecontentforNapsterLive(artist acoustic recordings compiled in Napster’s in-house recording studio)
● Managed electronic music radio stations on the streaming platform

2009 – 2014

BWOMP, Los Angeles CA – Cofounder
●  Co­founding member of the only business organization in the Los Angeles area focusing on l ive performances and internet presence within the mixture of musical genres Dubstep, Glitch­Hop, Breaks, and Jungle
●  Staff to a collective of DJs and performers that held weekly internet radio shows on Dubstep.FM and contribute to which has registered a number one download on Hype Machine (



June 2010 /May 2016 Music Merchandiser


June 2005 / June 2010 Music Programming