Versatile flow artist and dancer who offers a variety of skills, including dance, fire dance, and aerial arts.
Earthdance 2018 – Fire/roaming performer (ADEPT/Kreaturez)*
Brainquility 2019 – Fire/roaming performer (Empyra)*
Local Shows:
Levitation Jones @ Los Dos Plebes 2018 – Fire/LED performer (ADEPT)*
Psymbionic @ Los Dos Plebes 2018 — Fire/LED performer (ADEPT)*
Brewhaha @ Farley Mansion 2018 – Fire/LED performer (ADEPT)*
Toad Face @ Los Dos Plebes 2018 — Fire/LED performer (ADEPT)*
Steep Station St. Pete 2019 – Fire Performer
Jim Morrison 75th Birthday 2019 @ The Ale and the Witch – Dancer/LED performer

Fire dance- Costumed/themed character, leviwand (one or two), hula hoop, dragon staff, contact staff, double staves, fans, palm torches, fire eating, fleshing, floating orb.
LED/ non-LED prop dancing- Costumed/themed character, hula hoops (one or two), leviwand (one or two), dragon staff, contact staff, double staves, fans (LED and silk veil), buugeng
Aerial arts- Silks, aerial hoop/lyra, sling/hammock, dance trapeze
Troupes performed with:
ADEPT 2018-present
Empyra 2018-present
Kreaturez 2018-present


Bayside Sports Academy

09/2018-present Circus Arts Instructor

Teaches beginner/intermediate circus arts (aerial silks, trapeze, lyra, hula hoop, ribbon) to young adults. Must spot students in aerial related skills on multiple apparatus’s, along with demonstrating the proper technique for each skill (and stretches). My goal is to always make sure my students have a great time in class.

Longhorn Steakhouse

07/2018 - 03/2019 Service Assistant

Greet and seat guests while up at the host stand. Bussing and/or wiping each table after each guest has left. Help run servers food and grab what guests need whenever they ask for something. Must maintain cleanliness of dining room and bathrooms.