Hello! I have been wanting to get into music industry for half my life now. I am 34 years old and live in Norway. I have been a active Dj and is active in producing music. I am by no means and expert expert in the field but i am about thousand times more proficient and passionate about it than average Joe and the man in the street.

I know many aspects of the industry but i am looking to learn more and maybe make a job and a career out of it eventually. I am mostly interested in house, techno and other similar genres however i am more a underground guy than a mainstream EDM follower. I talk with other musicians frequently in both native tongue and English, i do write some text errors from time to time, but my understanding is impeccable in English. And i guess that translates to many jobs in the industry with me, i have been interested, fanatical almost for more than 15 years so i would guess i am a really fast learner on the subject if its in a field i am less traversed in.

Through my own work i have gained a skill set in producing music, pr, a&r , design, ideas, following up artists, events, Dj, music technology and philosophy, analytical abilities, artist point of view and if i should pull out a couple of my best abilities i would say that i love talking music with artists and the alike, i have a keen eye for design and a mind built for ideas but when it comes to music my main attraction for anyone to be interested to hire me is that i am passion incarnated, i literally burn, no i am a blazing fire.

Its my life and i would be very grateful for an opportunity to be able to embrace it fully and get new skills and improve on my own. I am particularly interested in Music Label, Production, Management and being an all around support. In my work life i have been an assistant couple of times and i like to work like that, and i am good at it. I am a easy going likeable guy, i can only count one person that i know dont like me, i guess i got good diplomatic skills and have a very patient nature. I have good motivational skills and i can influence positively.

I work as an artist under the moniker Mo8ius, and i have a couple releases up until now and a few one the way out. My music can be found at Beatport and many other similar sites as well as some older projects and hobby stuff at Soundcloud. I have worked harder lately and i have started to understand a whole lot more, really fast and sudden i regards to producing music. I managed to sign the last track i made in under an hour after export on a label i only dreamed about some months ago and was in on compilation that reached 47# in my preferred genre. As said, i am not a expert yet, dont think one ever can really be either but i know what is what, its a start!
I am self learned, and if you understand that you know how much time and energy is behind it when it turns around. Long term dream is to make a album when i feel i got the sound and expertise i am chasing. Shorter term, definitively move out of the bedroom producer thing and widen my gaze. I dream of someone that want to let me learn from them. I do have kids by the way and live in Norway, not so optimal per se but there got to be something i could do? Thanks for your time and i wish you the best.  I hope that there is something out there, no matter how small or big for me. Respectfully yours Stian M. Einarsen


Jessheim VGS

2years / 1 Year Sale and Service / and arts and crafts

This was when i was 16-19.

Oslo MET

2015 - 2017 Nursing, Psychology

It was not for me, i learned many useful personal skills and person skills though.


2017 Type B, Wet Room Approval, Mason-Tiles and Carpentry

Open Source History of Philosophy, Psychology and applications of it in a modern world

2016-2019 Philosophy, Ideas, Thinking, Constructive criticisms, Ability to see the wide and grand scale of challenges and start positive teamwork towards solutions.

Part time, via various professors, thinkers and other similar social courses lectures and a great deal of awareness and own thought towards the tema. I am doing a part time 81 lesson course now from Wheaton Il, Us.



At early age / Never ends Enthusiast of Music