My name is Taylor Gahn. I was born and raised in Southern California. From a young age I was exposed to the Music Industry- beginning with my Great Grandparents who traveled the world leading the Curtis String Quartet, to assisting my Aunt with her music venues and recording studio’s in Los Angeles and Paso Robles. This knowledge, as well as being a kinesthetic and visual learner, has given me the ability to effectively deal with the daily demands of working with successful groups of artists.


I am eager to operate events as if they were my own. Building  strong, reliable and open lines of communication. All of which are crucial to a smooth operation. Employing me would be beneficial based on my experience, integrity and ability to work well with others in this industry.



Taylor Gahn




Mark Owens, personal photographer, Kaskade 917.992.8281

Brian Love, merchandise management, Cochella 909.278.9411

Carolyn Long, owner, Sactuary OC 949.280.3727

Kevin O’connell, production manager, The Observatory 949.353.2354

Alexandra Medeiros, cfo/operations, The Observatory 657.464.0397