Voyce DeSouza
43-21 49th Street, Sunnyside, NY 11104 – (347) 987-5823 –

Loud Productions – NY, NJ, PA, VA, RI, MD, D.C.

June 2010 to Present

Event Coordinator
• Coordinating after-hours events based on various themes. Managing multiple event personnel including talent, venue staff, sponsors, promoters, entertainers, photographers, vendors, and acting as direct liaison for all of the above. Traveling to various states if required.
• Cooperating with a team and delegating their tasks based on strengths to accomplish goals in a timely manner.
• Working under the pressure of keeping the show going in front of large audiences of 5,000 people or more.
Event Host
• Presenting local and world renowned entertainers and keeping the crowd engaged with numerous prepared and improvised routines.
Talent Coordinator
• Liaising with talent and maintaining healthy business relationships to reach agreements beneficial for all parties.
Stage Management
• Scheduling every aspect of the show. Delegating tasks to staff/talent and training newcomers.
Equipment Management/Stage Design
• Managing and participating in set-up of all events including A/V equipment, decor, and lighting.
• Developing marketing plans. Grassroots/online promotion. Keeping up to date with trends, upcoming talent, and new venues.
Revenue Collection/Payroll
• Overseeing both pre-sale tickets and cash proceeds. Administering agreed pay out to all staff and talent.

Middlesex Builders – 715 Downing Street, Parlin, NJ 08859

August 2014 to November 2015

Inventory Specialist
• Providing assistance to numerous contractors in need of building material. Allowing access to materials, loading/unloading, and keeping track of materials used.
• Maintaining a consistent inventory of supplies and placing several daily orders to keep stock high. Liaising with various vendors that provide the materials for renovations and remodeling. Liaising with staff and managers in order to know what purchases need to be made.
• Daily heavy lifting and unloading of multiple deliveries including but not limited to multiple pallets that can weigh several hundred to several thousand pounds as well as household appliances. Organization of storage areas across the 81 building, 1,500 unit apartment complex. Monthly inspection of fire safety equipment.
• Coordinating with management to project future renovations based on move out/move in date and fire department inspection date.
• Possessing the master keys for the complex and a short range radio. Memorization of several ever-changing codes and passwords that allow access to restricted areas and files.
• Heavy snow removal to ensure tenant safety. Working overtime including early/late workdays, weekends or holidays if necessary.
• Administrative duties such as mastering and utilizing Microsoft Office programs like Excel and Outlook, filing paperwork, making and receiving calls, and disposal of private information.

Interface Talent Network – 15 Kennedy Blvd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816

February 2014 to July 2014

Scheduling Coordinator
• Following up with perspective clients to qualify them and/or their children for the opportunity to pursue the talent of their choice.
• Memorizing a script and various sales tactics meant to invoke a sense of urgency, provide customer service and ensure quality clientele.
• Building rapport with customers. Being prepared to rebuttal objections and obstacles that may arise.
• Maintaining a strict quota for the amount of appointments scheduled per day. Utilizing the art of persuasion to reach desired goal.
• Actively participating in daily motivational team meetings. Offering comments and advisement whenever needed.

New York Open Center – 22 East 30th Street, New York, NY 10016

March 2008 to July 2012

Event Coordinator
• Overseeing staff, volunteers, and overall event function in up to five rooms all at once.
• Liaison for customers, special guests, staff, and volunteers to construct a comfortable environment.
• Set-up/break-down, technical support, maintenance, heavy lifting of A/V equipment, furniture, and supplies in all rooms. Creating blueprints as a guide for staff and volunteers to construct the requested environment. Adapting quickly to sudden changes, such as modifying room set-up, troubleshooting equipment, adjusting room temperature, and catering to special needs patrons.
• Managing events at off-site locations for upwards of 2,000 people. Loading and transporting all equipment, merchandise, and delegating all personnel, and special guests to be where they’re needed. Providing technical support, and quick problem solving.
• Administrative duties such as organizing files, copying projects, making/receiving/returning calls, and completing a daily log of the events.
• Taking inventory and noting areas of concern such as misplaced items. Maintenance of A/V equipment such as testing and restoring.

City Parks Productions – 155 Bay Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232

September 2011 to May 2012

Production Assistant
• Assuming multiple production duties such as directorial, screenwriter, storyboarding, acting, editing, casting, set design, scouting, and lighting.
• Presenting completed works as well as speaking publicly about what was shown, answering questions on its purpose.
• Working solo or as a team to conceptualize ideas and turn them into reality. Delegating tasks to my fellow co-workers and interns.
• Completing various day to day tasks to maintain skill level and learn new programs, equipment and methods of operation.
• Utilizing audio, visual and recording equipment as a means to produce videos and music and providing technical support.
• Maintenance and organization of the work place. Heavy Lifting and transportation of equipment to offsite locations.


Project Management / Task Delegation

Event Coordination


Presentation / Public Speaking

Technical Support


Marketing / Promotion

Customer Service


Heavy Lifting / Loading




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