Name: Yves Atom V-Kline

Location: Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Stats: Filipino, German, Irish. 7 – 23 – 93 (25yrs)

Brief Bio.

Born the Oakland, raised in Honolulu, and well traveled, I have taken it upon myself to study the nature of humanity. I do everything I can, as a professional in the Creative Industries, to inspire and aid in the ability to create something from our own resolve. This will enable myself, as well as those I work with, to further deepen the knowledge we have of ourselves, as well as enable our creative content to connect with as many people as possible while inspiring each and every one of them.

I have worked in the Food and Service Industry for 10 years, practicing and mastering what it means to give good service. My time has come to take the steps necessary to begin my purpose in this life. As a current student at Icon Collective, my 4th music trade school I will complete, I am in need of busy work in the Music Industry.

My experience stems from an innate ability to focus and concentrate for extreme amounts of time. As well as a hyper awareness and sensitivity due to complete removal of all media distractions during my childhood. This was to promote self awareness, development, and creativity.

I have attached a resume from my previous Service Industry work experience, as well as an excerpt of My Purpose.

My Purpose.

Imagine you are standing on a train track in front of a long dark tunnel. There may be gravel under foot, and even a towering mountain that this tunnel pierces through, but none of that matters to you. You can’t take your eyes away from the absence of light before you, as if you are tethered there by an unconscious will to survive. You might remember for a moment that you have a phone, with some texts to respond to, or a life full of lessons and conflicts, but none of that matters right now, for as each moment passes you find yourself closer to the truth.

You hear a hum, a distant one, and you can feel it in the soles of your feet. This hum slowly builds to a tremor as your clothes vibrate against your skin. The intensity grows and you close your eyes, but only for a moment, you don’t want to miss it, you want to feel every wave of vibration flowing through you. In the depth of yourself you notice the different resonances of your body, the densities of your organs and tissues, the algorithms and mechanisms that sustain your life, and with this inward reflection you feel enlightened. You have seen the physical engine within yourself in a new light, and this new found knowledge brings fills you with peace.

You open your eyes, absent to the passage of time, only to realize that there is a train, full-steam, headed straight for you. Black carbon clouds force their way into the atmosphere as the high pitched scream of steel on steel meets your tender ear drums. You can’t look away, you can’t move, you can’t make a sound, you can only look ahead at the beautiful progress of humanity before you. This majestic beast, dark and glistening like a stallion in full stride, only excites you as you pierce the hot air with the power of your senses. Your heart beats through your chest, your body sweats, your ears depressurize, and your jaw clenches as every fiber of your being involuntarily attempts to prepare you for what will come.

Time begins to slow as your senses reach their peak, going beyond your own fathomable limits, falling into a reality where Unbearable and Impossible live. Your sea of thought begins to calm, as if the moon herself is pulling away all your prescribed emotional responses and reptilian reflexes. Your muscles relax and your heart beat slows to a cadence and rhythm that could put immortal beings to sleep. You accept all things as you learn to love all things; all within this sensory heightened absence of time. You finally know true peace for there is nothing left to hold on to. You finally know true love because you were given the peace of mind to see all of its beautiful shades and color. The spectrum of your own reality, in its entirety, reflecting back to you. You are pure, you are the light, you emanate with content. After all the years you have been alive, your soul has finally learned to eat what the cosmos has been trying to feed you.

You return from your cosmic meal and reach both hands out before you, meeting the the hot glistening metal with your fingertips. You press against it and the round nose of the beast cups perfectly within your palms. You know no concept of regret or sorrow, you have no language to describe it, you only feel the silkiness of painted steel against your smooth callused hands. As much as you love these humble sensations, you can’t help but feel the full force of the train, that unbearable pressure, heated by countless glowing embers, pushing forward with such force and energy that it must have been stolen from the sun. You are not afraid as you feel it coursing through you, because you have already realized that this powerful, monumental, historic display of progress is you. The materialization of the energy, the fire, the building pressure and passion within you.

Thank you for reading!


  • arrangement
  • Athlete
  • composition
  • graphic design
  • illustration
  • mixing
  • music production
  • Musician
  • recording engineer
  • Song Writing
  • sound design


Dubspot (NYC)

2013-2014 Ableton, Sound Design, Mixing, DJing, Music Theory.

Dubspot (LA)

2014-2015 Ableton, Sound Design, Mixing, DJing, Music Theory,

Icon Collective

2018-2019 Logic Pro, Ableton, Sound Design/Synthesis, Arrangement, Composition, Mixing/Recording Engineer.

Waldorf (HNL)

1998-2012 Music Theory, Musicianship, Fine Arts.



2018 - Inf. Creator

Resume attached.