We are a Sample pack label and we are looking for Music Producers for the production of sample libraries

Loopersound sound design company specialising in royalty-free sample which produces the highest level of loops & sounds for Producers is looking is Music Producers for a sample pack libraries.


Music Producer will provide to create a sample pack in line with the predetermined kind
and carry out remedial works, if there are sounds that do not correspond to our standards of quality. Professionalism work ethic respect for the time are key requirements .


4 – 5  years of experience In to Music Productions

Flexible, open minded, fair and balanced judgment


We offer the 70% of the net royalties and a continuous employment relationship.

If interested please let send your best sounds with SoundCloud link.


The applications without the links will not be considered.

consignments that will not respect the following specifications submitted will not be taken into consideration.
Producer Guide

The rule

All sounds used in creation of loops and hits MUST BE 100% royalty-free. No sounds from sample packs or copyrighted recordings may be used in the creation of sounds for US. This is non negotiable.

The only exception here is that when creating drum loops, we can sometimes give producers access to our vast archive of royalty-free drum hits. Ask about this and we can advise further.

Loop format

All loops and one shots should be suppled as 44.1kHz 24-bit Wavs. (We do any subsequent formatting).

In most cases when supplying loops, please supply as 2 bar loops – usually with a variation in the second bar. Do not make 2 bar loops into 4 bar loops by simply copying them; customers feel cheated by this.

On occasion (usually chordal progressions), you may deliver 4 bar loops, but only if changes warrant it. Beyond 4 bars would rarely be acceptable.

Loops and one-shots MUST BE zero-crossed at start and end points (waveform to be exactly at zero at the start and end of the loop) to ensure no audible clicks and pops when looping. An easy way to check this, other than in an audio editor, is by looping the loop in a DAW and checking for pops.

We advise testing that all loops loop correctly and at the correct BPM.

Loops to be rendered as close to 0dB as possible …


No clipping. Ever. It renders quality loops useless.


All loops prefixed with abbreviation of collection title. e.g. Minimal Techno = MT_(We will supply this for you).

All loops to be tempo-labeled, e.g. 124_

All melodic loops to be key-labeled, e.g. Cm

Affixes as follows:

major – just indicate key = example_A
minor – key plus lower case m = example_Am
7th – key, plus major/minor, plus 7 = example_Am7
9th – as above = example C9
sustain = key plus major/minor; 7 or 9 goes last example_Csus

Each loop to be given its own unique name, e.g. lockdown

Loops with variants to be suffixed with a descriptor e.g. _prc for a perc-only drum loop


Drum Loops:

Percussion Loops:

Percussion-only loops different to those in Drum Loops folder


Tops Loops

Hi-end loops (e.g. hi-hat grooves) and kick-free loops different to those in Drum Loops folder

Bass Loops:
Bass loops should always be provided with the raw MIDI loop, matching the naming of the audio file so if the producer likes the bass line but not the sound they can use the MIDI with their own sound source.

Synth Loops:


Again, synth loops should be offered with the raw MIDI loop, named to match the audio file.

Again each stem loop should be offered with the associated raw MIDI file.


Synth and Bass Hits


About Loopersound

Looopersound, is a sound design company specialising in royalty-free sample which produces the highest level of loops & sounds for Producers.