Sacha Robotti

First Job Flashback: Sacha Robotti

Welcome back friends, colleagues, and family to another episode of First Job Flashback. It’s been quite a long journey trying to get more and more artists to talk about their past experiences with everyday normal jobs. However we worked hard to get some job tips for you from none other than Sacha Robotti! He is a producer and DJ based out of LA. Starting in any new business is never easy. You almost always need an “in” or at least really exceptional self-promotion to start a new career. Take it from Sacha who worked in a kitchen for a summer then worked extra hard to make it in the industry we all know and love. Read below for some insight into Sacha’s life and how he got started in the industry!

Who are you, what’s your name?

Sup. I’m Sacha Robotti. I make and play music.

Did you attend college?

Yes I have a BA in Architecture from the Edinburgh College of Art and a Master in Sound Design / Acoustic Communication from the University of the Arts in Berlin.

What was your very first job. How did you get that job?

One of my first jobs was cleaning the kitchen of a gay Currywurst joint in Berlin, every morning during summer years ago. I just walked up and said I need a job, I was broke and they paid me like 7€ an hour and fed me. It was a pretty disgusting work environment but the other dudes working there were hilarious and I loved the hand cut fries with peanut sauce & mayo.

What motivated you to move onto another job?

I’m not great at cleaning Currywurst kitchens.

Sacha Robotti

When did you first achieve financial independence?

In 2005 I made the choice to stop doing architecture, and become a full time DJ and producer. From then on, I’ve been living only from making and performing music in all kinds of forms. It was, and still is a tough road but it’s starting to pay off now, 10 years later.

Was it challenging to stay working at your day job, while making music on the side?

I never really had a day job while doing music on the side. For me it was always: 100% music, or nothing. As a result I was poor for some years. But I’m very stubborn and driven, so I just kept going.

Do you think you learned any qualities at these initial jobs that you still use today?

Yes, I learned from every job I did, especially the shitty ones: they help you understand what you don’t want to do in life. Like, I don’t think I could have a boss – or at least a boss I don’t respect.

Sacha Robotti

What advice would you have for the creative types who haven’t yet been able to make a living from their creative outlet?

Try to define and visualize your goals, what is it you want? Also sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone. If you’re ready to sacrifice a lot, work hard, believe in yourself, find a team you can work with, and if you’re positive about the path you’re on, you can “make it”. Persistence is the key!

How do you feel working in the music industry differs from other industries?

In regards to financial success, music is very hard to predict – because music is emotional and you can’t really grasp what the people / consumers / fans / critics / the Zeitgeist will make of a piece of music. I’m not a fan of the term “music industry”, it makes me think of something like industrialized chickens or petrol production. You can predict how many eggs you’re going to sell. But you can’t predict a hit 100%.

Sacha Robotti

Huge thank you to Sacha Robotti for giving us some insight to his life through this First Job Flashback! If you wish to learn more about the industry or land a job in the EDM industry click here, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.