Career Spotlight: Erin Osovets, Founder of TheoryX

Today’s Career Spotlight features insights from the Founder of TheoryX, Erin Osovets.

When did you realize that you wanted a career in the music industry?

Music was a big part of my childhood. My dad played in several bands and has hosted a radio show for over 20 years. I grew up on the Grateful Dead, Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac, The Moody Blues, etc. I was always interested in the behind-the-scenes aspect of the music industry and the development of artists. When I was in high school in the late 90s, I heard “Flaming June” by BT and from then on, was hooked on electronic music. I went to Belmont University in Nashville and graduated with a degree in music business and journalism, with the intention of working in A&R at a record label.

How did you work your way up to the position you currently have with theoryX?

In late 2010, EDM in the US was really starting to take off. I was working as a contractor for a marketing company and was completely bored, so I started doing PR for local bands in Denver on the side. My true passion was dance music, specifically trance, so I gradually moved in that direction. I founded theoryX in 2011 and contacted artists that I was a fan of that didn’t have a public relations manager. Tritonal, Shogun, Matt Lange, and Super8 & Tab were early clients of mine and it took off from there.

What does your position at theoryX entail?

Too much haha! I’m the middleman between artists, managers, labels and the media. I spread the word about new releases, tours and projects an artist has going on through press releases, personalized pitches and social media campaigns. I promote my clients’ gigs through interviews, media guest list requests, pre-show press and fan meet & greets. I also keep track of their media coverage and update their biographies and press kits. I do a lot of writing and planning! Being organized is key.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?

Seeing that media piece I worked so hard on to secure get published. It feels good to have a physical piece of evidence that backs up all the behind-the-scenes work!IMG_2973

Least favorite aspect?

Being the bearer of bad news. You can’t make everyone happy and when you’re in the middle between the client and the press, sometimes things don’t work out. We might have to deny a media request or get a text at 1am that a name didn’t end up on the guest list. I’m usually the one trying to appease everyone.

Is there anything you do for work on a daily basis others might be surprised about?

A lot of menial tasks to keep the business running. Sending out proposals, invoices, media reports–all stuff that takes time away from doing actual PR work. I also spend a lot of time waiting for people to get back to me on something so I can move forward on a project!

How do you feel working in the music industry differs from other industries?

For the most part, I’m at my computer 9-5 just like anyone else. The difference can be seen when I accompany a client to a gig–then you get to experience the fun part of the job! Hanging out backstage, meeting other artists, listening to the loud music and seeing the crowd going nuts is definitely the coolest part.

Is working in the music industry as cut-throat and challenging as many people make it out to be?

I told myself from the very beginning that I would only work with clients who I liked personally and was a fan of their music. It’s not worth it to me to spend my day dealing with assholes. 90% of the people I’ve met in the industry are nice, regular people who just love music. There’s the occasional bad apple but you quickly discover who you want to associate with and who you don’t. It’s a small industry for the most part so reputation is key.IMG_2256

Do you have any advice for those trying to find a career path in the music realm?

You’ll need to get as much experience as possible, even if it means interning for free, writing for a blog or helping out a local promoter. It really is all about who you know and network with–I don’t even look over resumes when people send them to me. But if you know someone I know, then that’s definitely a foot in the door.

Is there anything else you would like to add…Tips, thoughts, feelings, songs, etc.?

Carpe PM – Seize the Night!

A big thank you to Erin Osovets for taking the time to share her EDMJob with us in this Career Spotlight. If you’re interested in a PR position at an Electronic Music company , be sure to check all open positions at EDMJobs.