Career Spotlight feat. Hot Since 82

Hot Since 82, has been producing music and playing for over 10 years and is featured in this next installment of Career Spotlight.

Where were you born? Hot Since 82 On&On
Barnsley, which is in the north of the UK. A proud Yorkshireman!

At what point in your career as an Artist, did you realize that you were “All In”.
I guess it first dawned on me when I first started getting stopped in the street for photos etc. I realized I was not only ‘all in’ but actually playing a part in other peoples lives.

What type of music did you listen to growing up?
I listened to everything from Marvin Gaye to Michael Jackson to Madonna to early 90s RAVE and Hip Hop and RnB.

If you could remix one of those artists music, and open for them, who would it be?
I would have loved to work with Michael Jackson in one way or another, such an incredible artists from song writing to performing.

What is your ideal set length, and what’s the longest set you’ve played?
The longest I’ve played 13hrs believe it or not. In the right environment my preferred set time would be 5hrs.

What’s the best soundsystem you’ve ever heard?
They can vary so much, it’s an impossible question to answer.  However, I recently played a show in Nuremburg at a club called Die Rakete and the sound system there was pretty special.

Can you describe how your style music sounds? (For context, it’s 3AM, and your playing a warm open air venue, with an amazing sound system and there’s 1500 people who are huge fans of yours) Hot Since 82 On&On
3am is all about the tripped out vibes, hypnotic grooves and psychedelic basslines.

What’s the most memorable set you’ve heard in the last few months?
Heidi B2B Jackmaster at Snowbombing was great. Chicago house vibes…
A Big Thank You to Hot Since 82 for taking the time to connect with us for this installment of F.Y.I. Come listen to the Hot Since 82 at On&On 1015 Folsom this Thursday, May 21, 2015. Discount Pre-sales Here.

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