My name is Danny Gonzalez,  I am in the San Gabriel Valley area (about 5 miles from Downtown LA) and I have began producing a few lo-fidelity house tracks, tech house tracks, and indie electronic songs. These genres being a new upcoming style, I would like to find other similar producers and music business professionals that would want to join me in making this happen. The label name being Akedo Media, we’re going to provide the world with a sound that comes from the heart and makes people feel the beats. What is going to make Akedo unique however, is that we’re not going to be doing this for just the money. Of course the goal is to get us some good coin, but I also have another passion other than music, and that’s helping others. Think of toms but instead of selling hipster shoes we have some funkadelic hipster beats. BUT that’s after the record label is up and running so the philanthropy part would not be an immediate priority.



I am specifically looking for an underground type of house style, 80’s synth sounds, and indie electronic band sounds. Here are a list of artist split up by genre to better understand my vision.

House Artists

  • No Mana
  • Gorgon City
  • Disclosure
  • Eric Prydz
  • Paleboi
  • DJ Boring

80’s Synth Sound

  • Com Truise
  • Kavinsky
  • Groundislava
  • Miami Nights 1984
  • VHS Dreams
  • The M Machine

Electronic Indie Band Sound

  • Tame impala
  • MGMT
  • Blood Orange
  • Little Dragon
  • Hundred Waters
  • The Chromatics

I’m open to giving a listen to anything but these are my main interests.

Please e-mail me a file of your sounds, a link to your soundcloud, or if you are unable to provide me with a sample electronically, just email me a small cover letter of your musical knowledge/abilities. Does not have to be a long descriptive cover letter, just let me know how well you understand BPM’s, editing, software, and types of strategies you like to use (ex. using unique instruments to make a synth sound).

Also, I prefer local artists but if you are far from Los Angeles, or out of state I will still consider based on producing quality.


If you would like to join Akedo media as a business development manager/business partner, I would prefer one with a degree in communications or business administrations. However I am open to reviewing resume’s with similar experience. As long as the you have done something similar, I will absolutely consider your candidacy.

As a Business Development manager / Business partner your tasks will be:

  • Contributing tactics and strategies to obtain revenue
  • Contribute in brand image concepts
  • Book local gigs for Akedo DJ’s
  • Marketing promotions
  • Funneling clientele for companies in need of immediate music marketing
  • Project goals, and strategically release tracks through profitable outlets
  • Research potential profit opportunities in the music industry
  • Finding/meeting with investors and maintain communications with potential partnerships(BIG PLUS IF YOU’VE DONE THIS)
  • Assist with scouting for potential akedo producers

Additional preferences as a Business Development Manager or Business partner would be:

  • Experience in a related field
  • Experience with starting a company (not required but big plus)
  • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal
  • Experience contacting investors
  • Social media experience (also not required but preferred)
  • Comfortable in a start-up setting
  • Knowledge of local clubs or events in need of dj’s
  • Electronic music passion
  • Optimistic and determined
  • Excited about starting a record label
  • Trustworthy
  • Has a passion for philanthropy and wants to help others
  • Drivers License (unless you don’t mind taking a lyft/uber or public transportation)
  • Comfortable with beginning without compensation for at least a month
  • Personal laptop


Now for the best part… the pay. Of course being a start-up organization, there will not be compensation starting off, however the exact moment Akedo obtains it’s revenue, which will be relatively soon, we will arrange further discussions. Highly recommended for those who can live comfortably without compensation for about a month, or has another job. I understand living in LA is tough, therefore I will accommodate to any needs as much as I can.

With that said, I understand joining a start-up is a risk, and I highly advise those who currently have a job to keep it and assist akedo ONLY when available. I am a very understanding individual, I have worked for a horrible managers in the past and I can’t stand the whole work mentality. The idea of having to sit down for hours and hours getting scolded to make numbers happen is giving me a headache just thinking about it. So joining this company, just know we’re going to end that baby boomer mentality, and have fun creating akedo. Therefore if you like what you see, and you have a similar vision, reach out to me and let’s make this thing happen!