This role reports directly to the Audiopaxx directors, international agents, local Audiopaxx agents and artists whilst in the country.
The primary focus of the role is to manage every day admin tasks for the agencies international tours.
You will also be required to have a strong business focus, attention to detail and be able to identify gaps and opportunities for the various aspects of the agency.


In order to succeed in this role you will be able to demonstrate excellent organisational skills, a strong client focus, able to utilise the agency software as efficiently and effectively as possible and be able to produce documents of a high quality & accuracy for the senior management team.


Key important factors of this role include but are not limited to managing multiple projects, exceptional written and verbal skills, an advanced ability for problem solving, and meeting deadlines ensuring there are no expected road bumps in the tour.



Organisational focus:

– International touring

– Administration

– Accounts


Responsible to maintain these budgets:

–       Monthly earnings budget for international touring for each respective local Audiopaxx agent.

–       After all tour expenses provided to local agent, it is your job to ensure there final P&L is accurate before making any payments to them or international agent matches up with Xero, SystemOne and agent P&Ls and informing management if any difference has occurred.

–       Keynote accounting will provide final P&L from Xero & SystemOne which you can cross reference with agent.



In-Office Responsibilities


Administrative tasks for the Touring roster

1.    Liaise with Travel Agent(s), Agents & Management regarding logistics on tour planning. This includes booking flights hotels and any other required logistics.

2.    Facilitate Australian & New Zealand visas for international artists as required.

3.    Create contracts and invoices for all performances. You will be required to send the completed contracts and invoices to management for approval prior to sending to any promoter

4.    Manage expenses for all tours by ensuring everything an Agent spends relating to the tour is matched back in Xero and that the Audiopaxx Agent has placed into P&L.

5.    Follow up on all overdue & outstanding invoices / contracts on a weekly basis. Note: No announcements can be made without contracts and invoices being completed along with artwork approved by international agent and/or manager

6.    Send detailed status report to each agent for their individual upcoming tour including contract sent, contract signed, deposit / final payment status, artwork sent for approval, artwork approved, visa sent to Immigration, visa approved and itinerary request sent and itinerary finalised (template will be provided for this)

7.    Create and deliver itineraries to artists for tour minimum 2 weeks prior to first date commencing.

8.    Generate mail out for international tours as per request of Audiopaxx local Agent.

9.    Sign off on local Agent tour profit and final payment to Artist once tour is complete that all expenses have been added, fees are correct and it all matches up

10. Responsible for all communication once offer is approved by international Agent or Manager, which includes advancing, visas, artwork approval, itinerary, deposits & final payments.

11. Develop and update international artists press kits / riders when a tour has been done for the second time and there is risk using old press kit or rider.

12. Providing & constantly chasing for artwork, set times and logistical requirements to be sent for approval.

13. Ensure artist backline needs and all other rider requirements are met by venue prior to date of show

14. Distribute itinerary for upcoming tour to each individual promoter 2 weeks prior ensuring they have flights and signed off on rider etc (when requesting itinerary info send out flights)

15. Liaise with tax agent and international booking agent to finalise withholding tax for every tour.



Miscellaneous General Agency Admin

–       Update internal document processes as agency grows and develops always ensuring the agency processes are tightening and developing.



Provide development and training opportunities for touring intern. This includes:


·      Itineraries

·      Mail outs

·      Contracting

·      Invoicing

·      Keeping track of invoices, contracts, artwork approval, visas, payments to be chased up


Out-of-office responsibilities:

Issues with tour emergencies as they arise. The accuracy in the planning of the tour should result in a minimal requirement to deal with issues out of office hours.


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About Audiopaxx

Headquartered in Sydney, Audiopaxx Agency operates as a division of Swerve Group, representing a dynamic roster of talented artists across the realms of touring, management and bookings.

Utilising knowledge, relationships and contacts accumulated from over 20 years combined experience in the entertainment industry, we work closely with our artists, maintaining a sharp focus on the paramount goal to effectively express and connect their brand to the public, maximising potential and achieving longterm sustainable success.

In addition to breaking new Australian acts, we book tours for the most cutting edge international DJs and producers touring them throughout various countries in Australasia.

The Audiopaxx roster has established presence at major Australian and International music festivals such as HARD LA, Your Paradise Fiji, Future Music Festival, Stereosonic, Splendour in the Grass and Field Day, and have also performed and toured across North America, Europe & Australasia.

In addition, we have worked in conjunction with global brands such as Red Bull, Microsoft, SFX Totem, OWSLA, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal, William Morris Endeavor and Windish.