Dim Mak Records is seeking interns with experience in writing, blogging and journalism to join its team. Candidate should be available to work out of our Hollywood office 2-3 days for at least 16 hours per week, as well as being flexible on nights and weekends to help with assignments.

Candidate will maintain the Dim Mak blog by providing content across a variety of subjects pertaining to the Dim Mak brand and lifestyle. This would include writing 2-4 blog posts per day regarding Dim Mak releases, artists, tours, merchandise, events, event photos, interviews, as well as anything encompassing the Dim Mak lifestyle in a broader sense. Candidate should have knowledge of the Dim Mak brand, as well as of the electronic music community as a whole. Knowledge of electronic music and artists across genres is important, as well as having a finger on the pulse of major events and festivals, releases outside of Dim Mak, news pertaining to the electronic community, etc. Candidate must be comfortable writing quickly and engagingly, and understand how to appeal to Dim Mak’s target demographic.

– Very strong writing skills required
– Ability to write quickly, creatively, and with confidence required
– Strong knowledge of grammar and spelling required
– Knowledge of the music blogosphere as well as of related clothing, beverage, gear, event, and lifestyle brands required
– Interest in cutting edge music news and ability to stay ahead of the curve preferred
– Experience in blogging, journalism, or copywriting preferred
– Experience with blog analytics preferred
– Educational emphasis on communication or journalism preferred