Content Manager – Music

Repost is the industry’s fastest growing multi-channel SoundCloud network. As a business we offer monetization in the form of advertising, content protection, and added profile features to artists and podcasters on the platform. As a culture we believe that the world of streaming music is changing, and while anyone has the ability to build their own audience, they should also have the ability to make a living from that audience.

We’re looking for a qualified Content Manger with an extensive music industry background to help build out our music partnerships division and effectively grow the network. Candidates should have a deep-rooted understanding of the music publishing and distribution space as well as expertise building and managing a team. Given the dynamic nature of any start-up, we are looking for ambitious, organized, scrappy and creative problem-solvers.

– Signing new talent to network
– Direct point of contact to our SoundCloud creators for their monetization, content protection, and marketing needs.
– Contributing to off platform strategy and ancillary monetization opportunities (eg. brand deals or licensing)
– General support. We all do it.

– 3-5 yrs experience in the music industry
– Experience at a PRO, publishing house, or label is a plus
– A burning desire to make a difference in the lives of independent artists everywhere
– An active SoundCloud user

Please follow up with your resume as well as why you think you would be a good fit for this role. Additional points for people who record an audio introduction and send it to our Repost SoundCloud page.

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