Job Summary:

Enthusiastic, energetic students are encouraged to apply for this internship. Prepare to write, proofread, come up with ideas, manage files, and sharpen your copywriting skills. To qualify for this position, the applicant must be able to provide portfolio samples and show their passion for advertising copy and conceptual work.

The Copywriter Intern requires 12 to 15 hours per week.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Writing copy across all mediums, from email to social and print.
  2. Proofreading copy on word docs, spreadsheets.
  3. Contributing to brainstorms for engaging ideas.
  4. Researching subject matter.
  5. Keeping version control of copy docs.
  6. Editing existing copy to fit specific mediums.
  7. Contributing to a long-term project that will be presented to the creative team at the end of the internship.
  8. Collaborating with designers and project managers.
  9. Maintaining the tone and “on-brand” copy for a variety of festivals.
  10. Respond to feedback and direction to complete the task.
  11. Perform other duties as assigned by the Lead Copywriter.


  1. Must be able to receive academic credit from their college or university prior to starting assignment.
  2. Must be enrolled in a Bachelor’s/Master’’s program at an accredited college or university in either an Advertising program or Mass
  3. Communications program. 2nd semester Junior or Senior.
  4. Solid writing, grammar, and punctuation skills.
  5. Personal projects, websites, creative writing outlets are a PLUS.
  6. Able to clearly explain the work provided, aka presentational skills.
  7. MS Word, Outlook fluent.
  8. Ability to think conceptually, big and small.
  9. Collaboration skills and familiarity of the role of designers.
  10. Open to feedback and able to do revisions.
  11. Love for words and content.
  12. Up-to-date on current mediums, digital platforms, etc.
  13. Positive attitude and openness to supervisor feedback on work.
  14. Drive. Successful interns are always looking for something new to work on.
  15. Exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail.
  16. Must be a self-motivated, flexible team player and able to work in a fast-paced environment.
  17. Strong analytical/problem solving skills.
  18. Great attitude – great people skills – team player.



More about C3 Presents & the internship opportunity.

About C3 Presents

These simple words encapsulate the driving philosophy behind everything we do at C3 Presents. We create, market and produce live experiences, concerts and events — just about anything that makes people stand up and cheer.

C3 is the force behind two of the country’s top music festivals — Austin City Limits Music Festival and Lollapalooza. Every year, each of these festivals attracts more than 200,000 people over a three-day weekend and is staged in beloved greenspaces in the urban heart of its host city. C3’s track record of professional excellence has earned them multi-year agreements to continue these festivals.

The City of Austin trusted us to produce a millennial celebration in the middle of downtown — an event that remains one of the city’s largest mass gatherings with 260,000 attendees. When President-Elect Barack Obama’s team needed a resource to produce an election night rally for hundreds of thousands in Chicago’s Grant Park — with the eyes of the world watching the event and the City — they turned to C3. C3 was selected to lead event production for cornerstone events at the 56th Presidential Inauguration in Washington, D.C., and worked with the Obama administration to produce the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. In all of these cases, we were approached to pull off in a matter of weeks what should have taken months to develop and execute.

These events and many others showcase our ability to bring together a complex, broad spectrum of players — all with their own agendas, deadlines, opinions, and needs but also with a vested interest in the event’s success. C3 possesses the depth of expertise and experience to coordinate and maneuver through a major U.S. city’s complex infrastructure amid the massive logistics surrounding high-profile events — from federal entities such as the U.S. Secret Service, to city service agencies including city emergency management offices, the police department, transportation departments, and sanitation department — to political and civic agencies such as mayors’ offices, city tourism boards and parks departments.

Under our roof sit a full-time staff of professionals specializing in marketing, publicity, creative, sponsorship, ticketing, talent buying, accounting and legal services. These internal resources as well as a go-to team of partners allow us to be a turnkey solution or an a la carte provider. To Red Bull we are the on-the-ground experts executing their vision for the X-Fighters competition, while SMG relies on us as a programming and marketing partner for Soldier Field in Chicago, and ACL Festival and Lollapalooza tap all our capabilities. At every level, a spirit of collaboration and cooperation enables us to surmount any and all challenges, from unexpected weather hazards, to eleventh-hour changes in long-standing plans. We’ve developed a reputation for facing any and all challenges with unflinching confidence and flexibility.

Lollapalooza. The Barack Obama Presidential Election Night Celebration in Chicago. The Austin City Limits Music Festival. The 56th Annual Presidential Inauguration.

These are but a few reasons why C3 has garnered a proven track record of delivering events that are as memorable as they are successful.