This position has been filled


Create Music is looking for a full-time employee to join our Music Distribution team. To apply, please send us your resume and cover letter. Applications without a cover letter will not be considered.


This position offers a wide spectrum of roles which you will perform as you maintain the administrative, customer service, and marketing aspects of Label Engine. You will become familiar with the distribution portal by scheduling releases, inspection and delivery (checking for errors), and following up on features and playlists. In terms of customer support, you will maintain client relations and contact our digital stores and streaming services using various communication channels, e.g. phone, email, Skype call, and Label Engine’s online support ticketing system. Your involvement in marketing campaigns include but are not limited to: writing blog posts, creating presentation decks, and social media management (Label Engine is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

You must be willing to treat every experience as an opportunity to grow. In turn, you will begin to establish your own network of industry connections as you coordinate with artists and distribution platforms.


Create is offering competitive pay for this entry-level position, and benefits are soon to come. All hires will undergo 90 day probationary period to begin with.

Applicant must:

  • Be passionate about all genres of music. Ideally, you are open minded towards the EDM, urban, and Latin American music space.
  • Be driven towards a career in the music and/or entertainment industry.
  • Pay close attention to detail.
  • Be familiar with Google Apps and Microsoft Office (Tools, Excel, Word), and especially with using spreadsheets to organize data in cells.
  • Be well-versed on all social media platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook) and Internet culture.
  • Be a people-person and an excellent communicator. Whether you are writing or speaking, you’ve got a handle on grammar and language.
  • Have minimum 1 year work experience in an office setting, preferably within the music industry.

Bonus points:

  • Fluency in Spanish.
  • Have interest in record label operations.
  • Keeping up with the world of EDM/dance music.
  • Background in music or design.
  • Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop.

Preferred degrees: Music/Music Industry, Communications, Design, Marketing, Public Relations.

About CreateTV (Create Music)

We are Create Music, one of the fastest growing music-tech startups in the entertainment industry. As a multi-channel network (MCN), we monetize over 1 billion monthly music streams by our clients. We also operate a number of different services out of our 13,000 sq. foot facility in the heart of Hollywood: digital music distribution, YouTube monetization, artist development, publicity/marketing, and music video production. Label Engine, our distribution and technology arm, powers over 4000 record labels and artists worldwide via digital distribution, accounting, and promotion services.

We work with some of the most influential personalities and musicians including Future, Migos, UZ, Will Sparx, Mac J, Hopsin, One Direction’s Josh Devine, Soulja Boy, and Sam Tsui. Moreover, we collaborate with record labels such as Never Say Die, Hospital Records, Firepower, Disciple Records, Shogun Audio, Kannibalen, and many others. How we're different than a record label is that we strive to keep artists independent. We welcome you to join us and to become a part of Create as we reinvent the music industry!