DanceTonight is looking to start and maintain a strong social media presence in the dance music space, and seeking a Social Media Strategist. DanceTonight is a mobile app focused on being a one-stop-shop for dance music events directory as well as a mobile ticketing platform to make your search and ticket purchases as effortless as possible. Discover shows nearby, by city or whats coming up through both venues and artists. Connect with likeminded event goers through event specific group chats prior to the show, meet up in person and follow to stay connected. DanceTonight users have the ability to direct message other users and post pictures of events in real time so their followers never miss a beat, especially when planning their night.

The goal is to gain as many active users for the app through gaining their interest from both reposts and original content on the three social media fronts below. The end result should be that they download the app and continue to check in with our social media.

Facebook Goals:

  • Acquire a strong and active dance music fan base
  • Event coverage / Exclusive DanceTonight content (Note: People go to nightlife FB pages because they want to see pictures of themselves and friends at these events. It might be wise to outsource some photographers to attend these parties from around the world and take photos of the people there, that’s how ROLLINGTUFF got big quick).
  • Create a daily schedule as to direction of what to post (ie: New music Tuesdays)

Instagram Goals:

  • Acquire a strong and active dance music fan base
  • Original content of our brand with tastemakers and DJs
  • Create original hashtags so people can reach us
  • Create a daily schedule of posts (Mix it up, get creative)
  • Acquire a strong and active dance music fan base
  • Repost trending ideas and stories in the music market
  • Use of Meerkat or Periscope

Quick Social Media Notes:

  • Creating original content
  • Reposting articles form blogs and tastemakers
  • Reposting from influential artists and producers
  • Reposing new music technology and equipment
  • Reposting about festivals, club shows and undergrounds.

About Dance Tonight

Dance Tonight is a free app that lets you discover shows and connect to other dance music fans.

Discover shows by city, see where your friends are going, and purchase tickets all from one app on your phone.