About You

You enjoy making data useful and learning new ways to do it. You love it when a little analytical knowledge, programming experience, and a fine selection of tools allow you to wrestle insights from large datasets.

You’ve built and deployed software with Java on Linux. You also have some experience with Hadoop, distributed databases, or service-oriented infrastructures.

You are intrinsically motivated, and do best in an environment where no one tells you what to do. (At Next Big Sound you get to pick what you work on, whom you work with, and where you work). You think that the best use of you is to work projects like:

– Modeling time series data (e.g., in MySQL, MongoDB, HBase, or ElasticSearch).
– Working with enterprise clients to build ETL pipelines using Hadoop, Pig and Java.
– Analyzing database usage patterns and optimizing response times.
– Developing large-scale data collectors/web crawlers (in Java or Python, with Redis or RabbitMQ).
– Building distributed services to satisfy queries from our online products (via REST/Thrift/Finagle, and coordinated via Zookeeper).
– Designing workflows for statistical calculations using SQL (on Impala), Python + R, and coordination engines like Oozie.
– Finding answers to ad-hoc, quantitative questions about the music or book business from customers or partners, and sometimes seeing the results of your research appear in The Atlantic, Billboard, Forbes, Hypebot, or The New York Times.
– Efficiently moving data in and out of Hadoop using Sqoop.

You also love learning and teaching. You want to learn how new technologies could be used to solve impactful, open-ended problems, and you like the idea of applying these solutions, alongside our statisticians, engineers, and designers, to bring data-driven products to life. You might also like to share your solutions or ideas with a larger community by presenting at conferences, speaking at meetups, or contributing to open source projects–or you might just have aspirations of doing so.

About Next Big Sound

Launched in 2009, Next Big Sound is the leading provider of analytics and insights for music, book publishing and brands. We merge tens of billions of data points (social media, press coverage, events) for hundreds of thousands of artists and authors with our customers’ proprietary sales and streaming data. We cover over 70% of the global recorded music industry and use our data to forecast the next big selling artist. Next Big Sound powers the Social 50 and Next Big Sound charts for Billboard, artist analytics for Spotify, and has raised $7.5m in venture financing from Foundry Group, IA Ventures, SofttechVC, and a handful of angel investors.

Curious about our interview process? We’ve open-sourced it.

Here’s an overview of our technical architecture. We also regularly post what we’re working on on our blog and on Next Big Sound Labs.

Finally, here’s a fun video of our NYC office featuring some of your future Next Big Sound colleagues.


The Next Big Sound 

About The Next Big Sound

Next Big Sound provides a dashboard, charts, and reports to monitor popularity, activity, and metrics for musicians across social media, sales and events.