Always wanted to have a career as an EDM producer (but not necessarily as a DJ) and do what you really love; making music, or are you simply interested in earning some extra money besides your DJ activities and other projects, have you always dreamed to make that world hit for a famous artist? Now is your chance!

We are looking for additional ghost producers to keep up with all the ghost production, mixing and mastering projects. We are looking for only the best producers to join our ghost producer community. You don’t need years of experience, you need to understand the studio and create high-quality productions.

Who Are We
We are a music production studio focused at “House” music and all its subgenres, for some people better known as EDM. We operate in the following subgenres of “House” music: Deep House, House, Tech House, Electro, Progressive House, Lounge/Chillout, Indie Dance, Techno, Minimal and Trance. DCC Studios is based in the Netherlands, created in 2014 and built on years of experience and knowledge. We make awesome and incredibly good music productions that will increase the quality of a DJ, producer or record company’s music portfolio. We offer three types music production services: Ghost Production, Audio Mixing and Audio Mastering.

Why Should You Be A Ghost Producer For DCC Studios?
Becoming a ghost producer for DCC Studios comes with various advantages:


  • You will earn 70% of the project revenue! This ranges from €400 to €1000 per project.
  • You will gain a lot of new projects and (additional) income.
  • We offer three services: Ghost Production, Audio Mixing and Audio Mastering. So you can choose the service that you are good at and earn money while making your producer dreams come true.
  • All work is on a freelance base.
  • You keep 70% of all the royalties. Just imagine what your portfolio will look like in the long run and imagine its potential and possibilities.
  • Improve your skills and competences by working for real clients.
  • Long term potentials.

About DCC Studios

At DCC Studios, we believe that good music can always be better. We specialize in “House” music and all its subgenres – from Deep House, Tech House, Electro, to Lounge/Chillout, Indie Dance, Trap and Minimal and Trance. Currently we offer four types of services: ghost production, co-creation, audio mixing and audio mastering.

What we aim to do is improve our clients’ (DJs and recording companies) music portfolio through our wide array of music production services, including ghost production, audio mixing and mastering. We understand that musicians need to grace events and their fans, sometimes leaving them little time to purge their creativity for new music or tracks.

This is where we come into the picture. We take the time and pour our skills and professional knowledge on your projects so you can rock the stage! Our services are strictly confidential and behind the scenes so you can take the credit for the professionally-created music.