If you think you can get record companies, artists and DJs to sign up for our services, we have outlined a great compensation structure to repay your efforts. We provide a lucrative earning platform for the marketing savvy by being our Sales Representative.

Right now, DCC Studios is looking for Sales Representatives in the US, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Australia and Germany. But if you live somewhere in between or far and wide from these countries, we welcome you to our team too!

As a sales representative, you are actually being paid to chill, connect and encourage artists, DJs and record labels to create more beautiful music by getting our services. This job is a lot of fun with a lot of benefits too!


As a sales representative, you can get significant amounts of commission from each successful order by each of your clients. Commission structure per client:

  • First order: 10% of order value
  • Second order: 7.5% of order value
  • Third to fifth order: 5% of order value
  • Sixth to tenth order: 2.5% of order value

Additionally you are entitled for a bonus of €75 for every 5 clients who decide to work with us.

See our website for more info on the benefits: http://dcc-studios.com/about/sales-representatives/

Sales Representative DCC Studios

About DCC Studios

At DCC Studios, we believe that good music can always be better. We specialize in “House” music and all its subgenres – from Deep House, Tech House, Electro, to Lounge/Chillout, Indie Dance, Trap and Minimal and Trance. Currently we offer four types of services: ghost production, co-creation, audio mixing and audio mastering.

What we aim to do is improve our clients’ (DJs and recording companies) music portfolio through our wide array of music production services, including ghost production, audio mixing and mastering. We understand that musicians need to grace events and their fans, sometimes leaving them little time to purge their creativity for new music or tracks.

This is where we come into the picture. We take the time and pour our skills and professional knowledge on your projects so you can rock the stage! Our services are strictly confidential and behind the scenes so you can take the credit for the professionally-created music.