If you’re the type of person that considers themselves tech-savvy, quickly notices design flaws and/or is constantly critiquing a website’s design, then we might just be looking for you!

We are a New York-based music & tech company that is seeking passionate & driven interns to assist with testing our web-based platform and iOS app. We specialize in DJ sets, live mixes, podcasts, recordings, concerts, and much more — so if you enjoy listening to music as much as we do, you’ve come to the right place.

You will be. . .
– Working with our CTO and head developer to test & implement new features across our platform, technology services, and mobile applications
-Coordinating with the back end manager to ensure that all observations are properly logged via GitHub
-Asked for input regarding all user and back-end facing experience

What we’re looking for. . .
-Current student enrolled in NYC University/College
-An understanding of basic programming principles and experience with any modern programming language
-Basic understanding of CSS & HTML5
-Major/minor in computer programming is a plus
-Background in SEO is a plus
-Working knowledge of EDM/Hip Hop DJ culture is a plus

School credit is required.

Please respond via email with your resume & cover letter including your responses to the following questions:

1) Do you have any experience using Linux? Please elaborate.

2) What is your knowledge of MySQL and MySQL content management databases? If you have past experience with MySQL in a professional setting (work, research, or otherwise), please elaborate.

3) Do you have any QA experience? Please elaborate.

4) How familiar are you with music technology? (e.g. DJ software programs, equipment, production tools & programs, mixing etc)

5) Why are you interested in getting more involved with music tech?

Our recruiters will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you for your interest and we hope to hear from you soon!

About Dubset Media Holdings

Dubset has built the world's largest database of registered and fingerprinted mix and remix content, MixBANK℠, that powers the industry's first Open-API distribution and transactional exchange for derivative works. This exchange enables new models and applications for DJ content including anti-piracy, legal streaming, sample play tracking, and royalty administration.

Each day, consumers stream millions of hours of mix and remix content. Nearly all of this takes place on P2P and other piracy-based sites generating zero revenue to the DJ and more importantly no royalties to the rights holders of the music being sampled. This is about to change.

After significant development and trials, Dubset has launched the world's first Open-API platform enabling the formation of legal streaming, monetization and royalty appropriation.  

Working with DJs, labels, publishers and other music industry leaders, Dubset has successfully established the world's largest repository of mix and remix content ready for legal distribution. 

Powered by its proprietary music rights management engine, MixSCAN®, Dubset has established MixBANK℠, a global registry of mix and remix content fully fingerprinted with all underlying tracked and identified.   

Dubset has now enabled the formation of a new multi-billion dollar marketplace within the industry.