Hello! We are a dance music + lifestyle content company based out of Los Angeles and are interested in having 4-6 blog posts written per week from someone who’s passionate and deeply in love with the dance music community. You will be joining a team of three other incredible writers with amazing personalities.  You will report directly to the founder.

We have a very active social media following and excellent reputation and overall business. We’re looking for a quality, experienced writer who can write blog posts as assigned. There will be an outline to follow as you continue on; providing specific topics for you. Your ability to come up with thoughtful and inspiring content on your own will make you a perfect fit for this position. 

  • You must use key words and be able to reference resources (when applicable) and do such with very minimal direction. 
  • Must be able to align yourself with the EDM Maniac voice but also have your own sense of writing style.
  • Ideal candidate must be very active in the dance music nightlife and festival scene. 
  • Writer must have a basic understanding of the dance music industry or be an excellent researcher; as articles need to be completely original and well-written as they will be verified for authenticity.
  • The ideal candidates will forget everything they know about EDM blogs and bring their own unique perspective. We aren’t your average EDM news blog. 
  • The perfect person would be able to colorfully describe what “ASOT” , “EDCLV”, “SHIPFAM” all mean. 

After 3 months we will evaluate your work ethic and timeliness. If you’re what we are looking for,  you will become PAID part-time staff and have the ability to attend some of the world’s greatest dance music events as credentialed media on behalf of EDM Maniac. By signing on to the team, you agree to sign a complete non-disclosure agreement.

We can explore paying per article or per word – a very competitive scale.

Please provide samples or links to your work, let us know about your favorite festivals and what artists you’re listening to right now. We look forward to hearing from you!

About EDM Maniac

EDM Maniac is a lifestyle brand that produces events in Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas. Online, we are focused on producing top-tier reporting with original and viral content. Through our partnerships with some of the biggest players in dance music, we provide EDM fans with an unparalleled online and offline experience. We are not your typical EDM news blog and we try very hard to stay away from that. 

EDM Maniac is based out of Los Angeles and was started in October 2012.