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EDM World Magazine is actively looking for multiple music playlist curator interns to join our quickly growing company. You will get the opportunity to work for the #1 EDM Magazine app in the world. This internship will provide you with experience in one of the fastest rising and most important positions in the music industry. If you are serious about creating playlists, have time to commit to the position, and are passionate about multiple genres of electronic dance music then please continue reading.

You must meet the criteria below:

– Have an obsession with knowing what is currently popular or about the be popular within different sub-genres of EDM

– Ability to quickly adapt, implement, and work on a variety of playlist curations at the same time

– Others believe and constantly remark how you are smart, driven, trustworthy, down to earth, resourceful, and a consistently high performer

– Desire to challenge and change industry norms with creative and innovative ideas relating to playlist creation, naming, and growth

– Effective communication and interpersonal skills: This is SUPER important as we are a digital-only company and all communication is done online

– Dependable, very comfortable in a leadership role, enjoys learning more about the electronic dance music industry and wants to be more involved in the industry. Excited to be the ears and voice for our brand across playlist platforms

– Proficient in taking on problems, figuring out solutions, and implementing them seamlessly

– Loves the idea of working at home, flexibility to work on your own time, and enjoys attending meetings online

– Eager to surround yourself with other talented and motivated leaders in the industry

– Has remarkable attention to detail

– Is capable of completing tasks from a personal working laptop and has a reliable internet connection as this is a work from home internship (we do not have an office)

– Can truly commit to working 2 hours a day (14 hours per week)

– Is a go-getter and completes tasks before they are due to always keep us hitting our goals

– Can follow directions, templates, systems, policies, and procedures already in place

–Is obsessed with 1 or more music platforms: Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube

–Loves being connected to the EDM community and is actively involved within it

–Has a good ear to quickly sort and know within seven seconds or less if a track is worth listening to further or not

Daily tasks and responsibilities include:

–Reviewing all track submissions to determine if they meet quality standards

–Placing all track submissions into one of our 20+ curated playlists on Spotify

–Re-arranging all tracks in our playlists to make sure they flow well for our listeners

–Removing tracks from our playlists to keep things fresh and interesting for our listeners

–Reaching out through email to inform those who have successfully been placed which playlist they are now on

–Updating the playlists we create specifically for festivals based on their new lineups

–Updating the playlists tab on our website to include links to tickets, our past magazine festival reviews, and website features

–Updating playlist descriptions in Spotify as new tracks get added and removed

–Promoting all updated playlists to our social media pages as well as asking for new submissions

–Creating new playlists as new genres and trends emerge

–Discovering up and coming, trending, and hit tracks to add to our playlists

–This is a non-paid internship, credits offered for school if needed!

-> Please apply today if you fit this description and can dedicate 2 hours a day to this role as we are eagerly looking for you to join our family!

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