The Specifics
We’ve created a Beta Contributor Program, and need thoughtful, witty and socially interactive people to curate and create fun and interesting, conversation worthy content. Our content is presented in a striking, Q & A format, designed to draw new viewers to the site, and post their opinions about the subject matter. As a contributor, you’ll be searching the web for exciting videos, on topics and all genres directly related to the Electronic Music Industry. Topics include:

New Albums
Videos/New Music
Music News (NEWS/NO GOSSIP!)
Music Events (Upcoming tours, parties, festivals, etc.)
Music Related Business (Endorsement deals, etc.)
Music Lifestyle (style, fashion, shoes, trends, etc.)

You’ll turn your findings into your own original short article, alongside a visual companion (such as a video) and an eye-catching headline. Your content will be featured in our daily discussion panels, where you’ll help to initiate & participate in the discussions. This enables you to build a broader following and create a strong online presence as a EDM Music Expert and Digital Influencer.

We also require people that can test the platform, and provide us with feedback so that we may make improvements to create a better user & contributor experience.

You must have the time and commitment (about an hour a day) to create at least 2 posts daily. In addition, great writing skills, and a working knowledge of spelling and grammar are a necessity. Your work should not require excessive editing. Experienced music bloggers who have a great social media reach are perfect for this position.

You must also:
• Be able to do basic online research
• Have general knowledge of current urban trends, music, entertainers, trendsetters & current events
• Be creative and engaging, and able to create fun, dynamic content with our particular audience in mind.
• Be a self-starter and self-disciplined. This is a freelance, location independent position & you must have the ability to meet the minimum requirements without being managed.
• Be socially active online and very comfortable sharing your work and interacting with your readers.

This is a great position for young, vibrant, creative professionals. Experienced bloggers who’s content performs well will earn $300 a month. An incentive program is available for people that display above average performance. If you are less experienced but would like to take advantage of this opportunity, go ahead and submit your application and we’ll consider you for our our Ambassador Program, in which you can also earn money. This is a performance based position.

Contributor Guideline Basics
– Minimum of 2 Posts a Day, 5 days a week
– Share each post about 3 times a day across your social media outlets.
– Come back and respond to interact with readers 1-2 times throughout the day.

The complete guidelines can be found in the application terms & conditions, as well as the Contributor Getting Started Guide.

This is a freelance ongoing position. We regularly evaluate performance. In the future, staff opportunities may become available to contributors who show passion and great performance.

We’ll provide you with training materials so that you know where to start and what to do, and how you can make the most of this opportunity. If you’re a blogger, this is a great opportunity to get more exposure and expand your reach. Most importantly, this should never feel like “work.” We really want people who enjoy creating content and have a passion for listening to and discussing music, artists and music lifestyle.