Drip is looking for an engineer who is passionate about building scalable systems and is comfortable working within all parts of the stack. We are most interested in your skills and personality, but a CS background (formal or otherwise) is a plus.

As a member of Drip’s engineering team, we want you to bring experience building real products in the real world from the ground up. Your teammates should see you as an expert in your field and trust your guidance with difficult problems. You should be comfortable jumping in the deep end and learning new skills.

You should be a strong generalist, comfortable taking on features from top to bottom. The goal of this position is to accelerate Drip’s development while it is still growing swiftly as a product. Generally, this means the rapid development of new core features.

Must Haves

  • You love product. Thinking about it, improving it, and building things that make users happy.
  • You love the good parts of JavaScript and wield advanced techniques with ease (and care), but you’re aware of its shortcomings as well
  • You’ve mastered another language that’s not JavaScript. Ideally dynamic
  • Experience with basic devops (ie: you’re relatively comfortable using something akin to AWS & Linux with regards to provisioning and deployment)

Nice to Haves

  • You’ve written and maintained Ruby applications (preferably with Rails and / or ActiveRecord) in a production environment
  • Familiarity with or excitement for AngularJS is a huge perk, as our application is quite heavy on this front
  • Enthusiasm for Functional Programming. It’s fun. And we like it. Maybe you’ll be doing it here some day

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