An Artist Booker, or Booking Agent, who works in the electronic dance music industry to help with bookings for festivals, shows, and other venues. They often schedule performances and negotiate with the artists directly or with booking representatives or producers to arrange terms of contract, dates, and fees. Miami Music Week, Ultra Music Festival, EDM Biz Conference 2016, Freaky Deaky, are just a couple of festivals Exposed have previously worked closely with in the past. The booking agent is a true crucial asset to the Exposed family and evaluation after each task will all be thought over at the end of the internship program for a possible chance at turning this position to full time.




·      Devotes time to the electronic dance music scene with keeping up to date with the latest trends to help with the discovery of new venues and festivals to book artists at.


·      Conducts Research and negotiates details, such at what time the show will take place and discusses payments between the artist and venues.


·      Operates e-mail, phone, social media channels in a professional manner to an advantage to help land bookings.


·      He or she negotiates contracts, payment and other crucial information with managers and other agents working with any artist.


·      Exceptional writing and communication skills when distributing e-mail pitches and participating in conference calls and meetings.


·      Provide quotes to clients and negotiating the final price of services coded.


·      Work close with the point of contact during the day of the shows or events between the artist and venue.

About Exposed

We are a company that feeds off of our love for electronic dance music and the music industry itself. We strive to motivate the unique and passionate minds we have working here in order to push out relevant, informative, and engaging content to those who share our devotion to the EDM movement. This family is expanding but only for a limited time so if this sounds like an opportunity that you might be interested in please send your booking portfolio and resume to the following email address to be considered alexandrashafran@weareexposed.com. We look forward to your submission.