If looking for a position besides promoting (Promoters) please refer to the bottom of the page.

Flatline Events is looking for young, enthusiastic, energetic, vibrant, people to join our company and be the face of promotion. We are looking for promoters with and without experience. We are willing to train and offer a lot of benefits.

Top level Promoters:
These people get paid cash, you will get paid hourly or per job to oversee the base level promoters as they hand out fliers and make conversation with people leaving night clubs raves or renegades.

Base Level Promoters:
Base level promoters get paid but not in cash. Base level promoters will get free guest list to all of our shows and collaborating shows (Free access to the Bay Areas best events). Also all base level promoters will be given a “goal” any base level promoters who reach there goal will get a cash prize. ALSO all base level promoters have equal opportunities to graduate to a Top Level Promoter. Top level promoters must EARN trust, and respect.


All other Inquiries.

We are looking for talented individuals from that can fit anywhere into our company. We are very open minded but carry a lot of structure. If you feel like you can add a vital resource to the growth of this company and would like to choose to let this company help be a part of your own personal growth. Please contact us with anything that you can offer and we will promptly respond to you.

About Flatline Events


Flatline Events is an Event company based out of San Jose, California.
With roots that dig deep into the Bay Areas Underground EDM Scene.

Flatline works in collaboration with record labels and other event companies in the Bay Area and across America

We promote all EDM but major in Dubstep, Drum&Bass, and Filth