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Digital Promotions Supervisor

This position is for a paid, part-time (20hrs+/- a week) position, responsible for overseeing and managing an online promotions team with the intent to increase Foundation Nightclubs promotional reach and effectiveness. Reporting to the office on a daily basis is not required but encouraged and work can be completed from home. A minimum of 10 hours of every week is to be spent at the USC Events office located at 562 1st Ave S, Suite 200. Promoter will be required to bring his or her own reliable laptop and smartphone.


The supervisor will be given tools to help encourage promoters, will have the opportunity to teach the promotional skill set to their team, and maintain electronic music discussion groups relative to Foundation Nightclub. The Digital Promotions Supervisor will be responsible for managing social networking profiles, presenting statistical data, completing projects and plans put in place by Foundations marketing director, and coaching and monitoring a team on effective promotional skills and other related skill sets.

Basic Requirements:

21+ with valid identification.
Have a computer access and a smartphone.
Ability to maintain a professional appearance.
Ability to problem solve.
Highly skilled in all promotional mediums.
Exceptional Promotional Reach.
Weekly attendance to shows or events.
Drive and personal aspirations related to position.
To Apply:
Simply email a resume with links to social media profiles (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), and a 100 word document stating why you should be considered for the position.

About Foundation Nightclub

USC Events presents Foundation Nightclub: Seattle's newest all-EDM format luxury nightlife destination. Featuring world-renowned DJs, crystal-clear sound, and state-of-the-art production, Foundation fuses together multiple elements to create the perfect dance music atmosphere. Boasting two luxurious VIP areas, three bars, and industry-elite staff, this isn't your typical nightlife experience. This is Nightlife Re-imagined.