Looking for an enthusiastic young professional to Intern in the studio for Grammy Award winning producer Brian Soko(Beyonce, Drake, Lil Wayne,Nicki Minaj).  Responsibilities include, setting up and breaking down recording sessions, cleaning up the studio, confirming appointments, and engineering clients when needed.  Must have a background in music recording or production and a basic understanding of Pro Tools or willing to learn.

About Global Sound Studio

Global Sound Studio is a multi-purpose recording studio for recording​,​writing​,​ mixing​,​ music production​,​ and mastering. Besides high-end mixing and mastering​,​ we primarily specialize in recording vocals. We maintain a sonically well-treated vocal booth and signal chain​,​ allowing for vocal takes with exceptional clarity. The control room is equipped with state of the art acoustic panels​,​ a diffuser and an acoustic cloud. This top-end studio is built as a floating room allowing for extremei solation​,​ and contains all the tools one can need​,​ as well as experience dengineers with a work ethic of steel​,​ to give your sound a competitive edge in production quality​,​ and a world-class studio experience.