Production and Small Parts Assembly [Full Time]

The production and small parts assembly job is a position in our production warehouse geared around product manufacturing, assembly, QC, and packaging. Work with our team of laborers to build and assemble top products for the EDM industry. This job will include coordinating with our Production Manager, shipping team, and wholesale staff to efficiently organize and implement the production of products. The candidate for this position must be an incredibly fast worker and very well organized. Many products require hand strength and very close attention to detail. This position may require tedious repetition and labor-intensive tasks.

We base our production on two core values: Quality & Speed. Without quality, speed does not matter. Without speed, quality does not matter. This individual must ensure that deadlines are met, and nothing but high quality products leave our facility.

Additional duties include inventory, quality checking products, packaging, and cleaning.

Job Requirements:

Fast paced worker
Efficiency and time management
Organization skills
Attention to detail
Strong hands
Good hand-eye coordination
Full time availability

Hourly based on experience, with room for growth within the company.

About GloFX

GloFX LED & Glow Products has been a leading developer in the LED arts industry since 2009. Our mission is to provide our customers with optimum quality service and the most innovative products on the market. With products ranging from lasers and LED gloves to our Diffraction Glasses and Luminescence Glasses, we are constantly striving to deliver new and unique products into the hands of those who want the hottest EDM-related gear available. The LED industry is a rapidly advancing market, and we remain at the top by our constant revolution of new ways people can use their LEDs, whether it be in LED orbits, LED gloves, LED poi, lasers, space whips, or a plethora of other possibilities.

At GloFX, not only do we innovate, engineer, and develop high quality LED and Glow products, but we also are the manufacturer, giving us the edge for providing great products at an amazing price. The GloFX operations team ensures that all products leave our facility in record time—and in top-notch condition. Every single order is hand packed, tested, and stamped with our GloFX name before shipping out to our customers worldwide. With products sold in almost every country, GloFX has made its name known and esteemed across the globe. Check out our full selection of products, and shop with confidence from a brand you can trust!