We have a great team of initial founders including VR industry veterans and are looking for a GPU/Graphic programmer to join our team as a 7th founder.
Required SkillSet:
HLSL, GLSL, C++, Familiar with DirectX11 pipeline. Able to write performance optimized shaders.
Recommended skill set:
Cuda, OpenCL, UE4, SVN.
Required Mindset:
Startup mentality. Self-motivated while working remotely without supervision until we unify everyone under one roof upon funding. values open communication. Accepts constructive criticism well. Happily willing to use Skype!
Flexible in general (work hours, project objectives, Etc.).
Recommended Mindset:
Passionate about VR. Willing to pursue creative solutions. Determination towards project success. Willingness to freely help others. Aims for success of the team over self-gain. Willing to learn new skills and share knowledge with the team.
It’s mostly in the attitude. The overall passion, creativity, persistence, and vision in applying said skillset is what’s hard to find. That’s the foundation of a rock-star candidate to me.

About Red Pill VR

Red Pill VR is working on a technology platform to allow to be "inside music" and literally "see music" in VR. We are creating a machine learning audio analysis technology that extract meta-instruments in real time and are working on an AI interpretation layer connected to a library of procedural effects (fluid dynamics based particles, pixel shaders & geometry). Our vision is to build worlds power by this technology where powerful and collective musical driven experience take place. We have amazing results towards this goal already developed.