We are looking for people who can help in organizing events of electronic dance music in New York.


GRAVITATION LTD is a event management and promotions company that strives to provide enthusiastic and musically-minded audiences with high caliber entertainment. We work with the world’s most talented and innovative DJs, musicians, creatives and artists to create dance events that bring people together, in places that thrill the senses.

Our goals:

  • to be a leader of professional solutions
  • be the most reliable partner for our clients and employees

Our mission:

  • the popularization, qualitative development of electronic music and cosmopolitanism

Our values

One of the most important values in our opinion is the ability to communicate openly, listen and understand client’s wishes. Good relations, information exchange and client’s satisfaction are the main incentives of our employees for seeking professionalism and activity quality.

The biggest wealth of the company GRAVITATION LTD are people, who strive for perfection and development and:

  • keep up with business innovations, select them carefully and use in their work;
  • believe, that professionalism, fairness and constant perfection are the development in the right direction;
  • value the culture and values of the organization;
  • strive constantly for the higher quality of their work and clients benefit;
  • value long-term partnership;
  • analyze possibilities and trends and use them for the benefit of clients;
  • feel responsibility for their activity, therefor they work observing the law, established norms and ethics of partnership relations.

The basis of GRAVITATION LTD success – we seek to achieve economic goals guided by fundamental principles of universal ethics and higher morality and also such rules as:

CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT. We always strive for new knowledge, analyze the best practices, use them and share them with our clients, employees and partners. While searching for the optimal solution we try to avoid platitudes, analyze different alternatives. We offer original and unconventional solutions.

RESPONSIBILITY. While carrying out our activity and making decisions we feel being responsible to the society and its groups: our employees, clients and partners. We promise and we keep and fulfill our promises. We strive for being a reliable partner.

CARE AND RESPECT. We try to justify confidence and enter into cooperation with our clients, employees and partners. We respect the diversity of opinions, others’ beliefs and views, give them proper attention. We expect the same from the others.

QUALITY AND RESULT ORIENTATION. We don’t confine ourselves to what we have, we set ourselves high goals that are sometimes hard to achieve. We strive for being the best. We look with optimism at complicated situations. We believe that unachievable goals don’t exist.