The Nightlife Security Manager is responsible for managing a security team comprised of roughly one hundred “Security Host” employees who provide physical security to mostly nightclub type events held in the Hollywood and greater Los Angeles area. Working closely with operations, the Security Manager ensures that the most effective security plans are in place to operate safely and effectively. This must be accomplished while seamlessly creating a positive guest experience across the company’s diverse platform of properties.

The Nightlife Security Manager’s number one goal is to limit liability in all of its forms by maintaining a safe and hazard free work environment for both guests and staff while sustaining the most prestigious security team in the LA market.
Locating, interviewing, and hiring additional staff as necessary
Coordinating with HR for proper on-boarding experience
Developing a security plan tailored for new venues
Hand selecting and training a tailored security staff expressing a venues uniqueness
Appointing a Security Lead to the venue
Conducting spot checks and investigating customer complaints
Keeping the venue on track with its goals via continuous oversight
Training and Mentoring Staff
Relaying clear expectations to employees regarding job duties
Continually training staff through scheduled seminars, nightly pre-shifts, and weekly newsletters
Offering positive reinforcement and employee recognition
Continually grooming a next generation of security managers, venue leads, rovers, report writers, and openersclosers
Improving upon staff opportunities through training and feedback
Identifying and capitalizing on staff’s strengths
Maintaining an open door policy to answer questions, offer feedback, and address staff concerns
Creating and distributing a weekly security schedule
Reflecting budgetary considerations in proper scheduling
Contracting paramedics, EMT’s, armed security, and outside security
Managing the dynamic and ever changing schedule which is often subject to last minute special events, or cancellations
Appropriately managing employee time-off requests
Special Events
Working closely with the special event team to meet event needs
Conducting venue walkthroughs with clients
Coordinating with client and celebrity security teams
Enforcing Company Policy/Procedure
Mastering a working knowledge of and enforcing all company policies including:
The Attendance Policy
Zero tolerance for employee drug and alcohol use
The Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Policy
The Social Media/Celebrity/Privacy Policy
Meal and Rest Break Policy
Law Enforcement
Ensuring venues meet all ABC and CUP requirements
Operating venues within their issued occupancy loads
Maintaining strong contacts and relationships within LAPD, LAFD, and, WHSD
Assisting with subpoena and surveillance requests
Giving depositions and witness testimony when necessary
Ensuring all incidents are documented correctly
Ensuring all incident reports are preserved for a minimum of 2 years
Investigating incidents thoroughly
Ensuring that video footage is preserved when necessary
Community Outreach
Attending community meetings
Upholding neighbor relations
Attempting guest retentions
Must have at least 5 years of experience in a security related position
Must have at least 2 years of experience in a management role
Must have at least 2 years of experience working security in a nightclub
Must possess a California Guard Card and First Aid/CPR/AED certification
Must have a basic knowledge of CCTV and Surveillance systems
Must have experience preparing and reviewing incident reports
Must have experience creating and enforcing policy and procedure
Must possess a working knowledge of all Los Angeles County Law Enforcement agencies
Must be a self-starter who can proactively manage their time
Must possess strong communication skills both verbal and written
Must possess strong leadership abilities, integrity and strong character

About Greystone Manor-SBE


We view hospitality as fluid and ever-changing, influenced by culture, preference and an innate desire in us all to enjoy something meaningful. With this in mind, we foster a family environment built on values that describe our lifestyle, experiences and how we see the world. This is our model of reality that influences our decisions, how we treat each other, how we take care of our guests and how we create and sustain legendary service. Our core values include:

Tell it like it is
HAVE FUN and make friends
I've got your back
Play to win
Right here, right now

These are simple words that mesh our society of sophistication, glamour, dedication and desire to succeed that transcends just a place to work. This is our home where we live, play and are excited everyday to be a part of the happiness and delight we bring to everyone around us.

When you have a tribe such as ours and place it in and around the collection of accommodations, RESTAURANTS, nightlife, retail and gaming, you create a force that can not be replicated by anyone else. We are an equal opportunity employer.
We are unique; we are sbe.

Join the sbe family.