Heroic is a label group and management agency based in The Netherlands, focused on Empowering Creators. We’re looking for a development intern to strengthen our creative team.

As Accounting & Finance Intern you will be responsible for assisting with and streamlining the finances of the Heroic and bitbird record labels, as well as our management department and educational business. You’ll work closely with our CEO and accountant in order to optimize accounts payable and receivable, improve royalty accounting and financial modelling. As the intersection between the music industry and accounting is rare, you’ll be expected to learn on the spot and have a start-up mentality.



Royalty accounting: Working within the label’s royalty accounting suite to help pay our artists on a recurring basis. Importing statements, allocating splits and preparing payments.
Managing accounts payable / receivable: Creating and administering invoices, overseeing payment terms and maintaining relationships with our debtors to improve our cashflow position.
Financial & Cashflow modeling: Improving and maintaining our models to guide investments and strategic growth.
Data analysis (extra): Advanced candidates will have access to a tremendous pool of industry information on which analysis can be executed to devise strategy for Heroic and its operations. Data ranges from streaming and download data, to social numbers and market reports.

College / University background in Economics, Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Mathematics or Physics, with affinity for business
Proficient at Excel and Google Sheets
Proficient at Accounting and financial modeling
Passionate about financial analysis and optimizing models
Affinity with electronic music and the industry (bonus)
Eager to learn and not afraid to operate in a start-up environment
Ability to work 16-20 hours/week
Ability to come into our offices in The Hague, The Netherlands
This position is extraordinary as Heroic is a start-up company and there is the opportunity for talented and well-performing individuals to transition into part time, and potentially full time, employment positions.

Do you have what it takes? Submit your resume and motivational letter explaining your affinity with numbers and why you think you’d make a good fit for the Heroic team. We’ll get back to you shortly.

About Heroic

Founded by Budi Voogt and Tim van Doorne out of frustration with the outdated practices of the music industry, Heroic is a digitally-optimized and ethical music company on a mission to Empower Creators.

We discover, incubate and accelerate artists to build them sustainable careers.

We combine digital distribution expertise with an unconventional approach to marketing, as well as strong industry and social influencer relationships, to generate exposure for our artists disproportional to their size.

And by providing modern and fair deals, we’re quick bring our artists to financial sustainability.

Beyond label services, we publish our catalog and manage. Our management roster includes DROELOE, WRLD and San Holo.

Transparency is important to us and we believe education is crucial to helping modern artists succeed. That’s why we share our experiences publicly, to prevent you from having to make our mistakes.

Budi covers music marketing, the industry and copyright on his website. His book, The SoundCloud Bible, is now in its Third Edition.

Tim does the same for mixing and mastering over at Heroic Audio. His book, The Mastering Bible, is out now.

By wearing the kamon, the ancient Japanese symbol used to decorate a family, we show our resolve.