Inyourspeakers Media is looking for the best Music News Reporter out there.

We offer an alternative to the current critical dogma by specializing in smart, entertaining, and socially informed music journalism. Our standards are authenticity and transparency, executed with intelligent discourse in every article, every time.

Being a music news journalist not only means that you’ll be the first to know any breaking news about your favorite artists, but also that you will have the opportunity to share your opinions on music and how it relates to our culture. We are a progressive organization that strives to create people-centric journalism through thought provoking content, and we encourage our writers to insert themselves into every piece they produce. While other publications might want you to write “we think,” IYS wants you to tell the readers what YOU think.

What we can offer is fairly simple: best-in class rates, access to albums before launch and often before leaks, a reader-base in the 100s of thousands, and substantial vertical mobility. Most importantly, we offer the chance to make your vision have an impact on the world of new music journalism.

What we need is also simple: someone who knows music, knows what they think, and isn’t afraid to call it like it is. If you think that’s you, consider this your first assignment: tell us why you think you’ll make the cut as news reporter.

Make sure to send music-related writing samples too.

Payment Based on Pageviews (CPM)

Telecommuting OK

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