Hi fellow booking agents and artist managers,

I am an Trance Music producer & DJ from Montreal, Canada working under the artist name Klassy Project. I have multiple releases on Beatport with labels like Electronic Gate Records, Nothing But…Ibiza, Phoenix Red Records, Dark Monkey Records.

I am looking for a serious booking agent or a trustworthy artist manager to take my music career to the next level. I am basically looking for someone with experience in the Dance music scene with the right contacts to possibly get me gigs at big clubs, festivals (Ultra, EDC, ADE, …). If you have any experience in the Dance Music scene and can get my music heard by the right people in the industry, you can contact me at klassyproject@gmail.com. We would then discuss how the process will work. I am a trustworthy, cooperative, and organized person who wants to become an international DJ. Who you are: You’re a person of action who fights for what he believes in, who is willing to do whatever it  and that’s the attitude I want you to have.

Here is my artist page: soundcloud.com/klassyproject / facebook.com/klassyproject / instagram.com/klassyproject.

If you’re truly serious and devoted to start this journey together, then you’re in the right place.


Have a wonderful week!


Klassy Project