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EDM World Magazine is actively looking for a high school or college intern to join our team to help promote the magazine at events as well as online. You must first and foremost be passionate about electronic dance music! You must meet the criteria below: – Ability to adapt, work well in a variety of projects, and understand other personality types – Others believe and constantly remark how you are a smart, driven, trustworthy, down to earth, resourceful, and consistent high performer – Desire to challenge and change the music industry norms with creative and innovative ideas – Effective communication, interpersonal, and negotiation skills – Dependable, very comfortable in leadership roles, enjoys learning more about the music and publishing industries – Quick with learning and implementing new ideas and models – Proficient in taking on problems, figuring out solutions, and implementing them seamlessly – Love the idea of working at home & at events, flexibility to work at your own time, and enjoys attending meetings online – Eager to surround yourself with other talented and motivated leaders – Has remarkable attention to detail.

What we can provide: Learn the industry & gain one on one mentorship to fast track you in business. Apply to this job if you know you are the right fit. We look forward to your email!

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