As an A&R representative, you will be responsible for talent scouting and overseeing the artistic development of our artists. You will act as a liaison between artists and the record label and be involved with every activity involving artists to the point of the music project/ single release.You will be expected to understand the current tastes of the market and to be able to find artists that will be commercially successful.


Evaluate talent and match with potential audience tastes.
Sign talent to label with executives approval.
Coordinate label relationships for an artist, once they are signed to the label.
Provide creative input and direction on artist’s material.
Find suitable producers and recording studios.
Plan the recording budget with the finance department.
Review artist submissions.
Attend live shows at clubs, showcases, concerts, and other venues. Also visiting artist/band website and social networking sites like Soundcloud, Twitter and Faceboook.
Following leads from any ‘buzz’ created by artists.
Checking industry insiders (managers, agents, attorneys, concert promoters, label promo reps, retail contacts, trade and consumer press tips, regional ‘scenes’, or other sources.)
Watching for talent on other labels, whose contracts are expiring.


Understand the current tastes of the market
Understand how music projects are recorded and produced
Ability to develop relationships directly with artists gaining their respect and trust
Ability to effectively coach artists

Please submit the following to internships@maekme.com in order to be considred for the position:

Personalized cover letter


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