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My label, Momentum Records has been running for almost 3 years now and it’s time to have another person on board. We’ve gained millions of plays on Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud. It’s beneficial if you’re good with Spotify playlists but not crucial. Now that Soundcloud is dying that is not so important. We already have amazing music so A&R is not so important. I just need assistance with promotion and getting the music to the people it deserves.

You can check our previous releases here:

This is a paying job, however, it will be commission based so a fair percentage of the label’s revenue will be awarded to you.

There is the option of going for a full on 50/50 partnership if you offer a large enough contribution skill and potential wise.


Oliver Tryon



About Momentum Records/Best House Songs

With over 340,000 likes on facebook and our other social media sites following behind - we are a leader in the EDM scene when it comes to both promotion and general interest. With fans from all around the world we have been able to grow a network that consists of over 450,000+ people. If you are interested please contact us to arrange a proper conversation; we look forward to hearing from you.