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We are looking for motivated content writers with a good sense of humour in their writings. Applicants can browse articles on our website to have a better sense of the requirement. Articles can be browsed here.


We have 3 main sections on the website:

– Judgement: Our views on the current state of electronic music. Good, great or total shit – everything is discussed here.

– Music: Tracks of the past, present and future – the finest sounds from around the electronic music world are examined here.

– Intoxicated Reporter: The parody section of the website. Out-of-control and forever-drugged – reporting every event incorrectly with extreme diligence.


We are here to put an end to the pall of mainstream and overrated music from your ears. Helping people explore music which deserves attention.

About Music High Court

We consider the Main Stage as the Main Stream – an enchanted platform that most dream of – where fist pumping, a cool haircut, a pre-recorded set and a long line black t-shirt constitutes the foundation for musical success. A jaw dropping, elevated playground for the unskilled. Imagining yourself 30 feet above a crowd, waving your hands, pressing 3 buttons, smiling for 20 cameras, jumping around, while making tens of thousands of dollars has become a dream. But for us – this has become a nightmare.

We are a destination for those seeking quality music accompanied by the painful truth. An online oasis full of the latest and greatest from artists whom deserve their music to be heard.