Full Time Job
This position demands a dynamic, detail-oriented individual with impressive track record of previous Tour Marketing experience. This person will be responsible for executing AM ONLY’s comprehensive, growth centric tour marketing program, as well as establishing and managing department responsible for achieving programmatic objectives, with an emphasis on driving sales around clients’ events. Candidate will be energetic, self-starter and independent thinker who manage time and stress with ease. The candidate’s experience should reflect the duties/skills listed below:

Core functions and responsibilities:


• Work with department and agency leadership to establish programmatic and departmental goals that are in alignment with agency’s overall growth objectives, key performance indicators, and system of measurement and reporting

• Identify and make recommendations around resources needed to achieve programmatic & departmental goals

• Demonstrate departmental value to current and prospective clients, agents, and agency executive team

Tour Marketing:

• Define the strategy of the overall tour marketing campaign w. agents, managers, and partners (ie. Labels, consultants) and formulating the goals and objectives.

• Review and approve (where applicable) marketing budgets and plans by promoters in each market, monitor and adjust marketing strategy as needed in conjunction w/ local promoter & artist marketing teams

• Serve as a central point of contact for various stakeholders (promoters, labels, management etc.) for tour marketing purposes in order to synthesize separate initiatives and streamline marketing requests

• Establish and manage relationship with marketing teams of major regional and national promoters.

• Establish and maintain relationship w/ artist management in order to understand overall client marketing objectives, as well as collaborate around specific tours and events.

• Serving as the liaison between promoters and management for artist involvement/participation and other tour marketing requests.

• Other duties assigned

Job Requirements:

• Extensive experience in related role
• Strong organizational and project-management skills
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Ability to work with limited supervision and with multiple individuals in a fast paced and dynamic environment
• Ability to adapt to working with various stakeholders in a variety of environments
• Highly organized, detail oriented and comfortable working in a fast-paced and deadline driven environment while managing multiple priorities
• Must be discrete and professional at all times and maintain absolute confidentiality as this position regularly handles sensitive information
• Understanding of publicity, digital, radio, social media, tech as it pertains to tour marketing a must
• Knowledge of radio around tour marketing and promotions
• Experience in working in dance music a plus

AM Only

About AM Only

Laying its foundation in the back of a small independent record shop in the East Village of Manhattan in 1996, AM Only began as a booking agency committed to a single purpose: to provide electronic music’s brightest talent a springboard for presenting their sound to audiences and fans across the world.

“I founded AM Only to provide what I felt was lacking in the burgeoning electronic music market at the time: honest, professional and reliable representation that would free the talent to focus their energies on the creative aspects of their careers,” says AM Only President, Paul Morris.

Today, AM Only boasts a dynamic roster of the most talented and influential DJ/producers and live acts in the music industry. With a continued focus on maintaining an independent spirit, AM Only prides itself on having close personal relationships with its artists and the promoters. As the landscape of the live music industry continues to shift, AM Only’s focus and values remain constant. The company seeks to establish long-term touring careers for its artists, and this is evident in the lineage of acts who have been with the agency from day one, as well as those who have joined along the way.

“In building our roster, attention has been paid to talented producers, dynamic performers, and visionary innovators in their respective genres. We seek to work with people who combine these attributes with a strong work ethic that mirrors our own,” says Morris.

From its headquarters in Brooklyn, NY, AM Only has organized tours that have reached nearly every corner of the globe. The rapid growth of interest in electronic music has continued to fuel the potential and future for its clients. AM Only is dedicated to continuing to act as the bridge that connects exceptional artists to these ever-growing audiences.