Hello ,
Heres a brief history of what ive done so far;
before i moved to LA i lived in istanbul/turkey where i preformed in clubs such as indigo, propaganda and bars called lucca and kiki. Ive played before/alongside a few djs like nico stojan and KANT. ive also preformed in two new years eve events. After i moved to LA i started to learn more about producing music via ableton live and i have a few tracks that are close to complete and ready to send out to a label.  Im 23 years old and i play house, disco ,tech house, deep house and techno. I can provide you with a playlist of the tracks I’ve been playing recently if the sets on sound cloud are not sufficient as they might seem outdated. I can use both Native Instruments controllers or any pioneer set-up that has a USB memory on it. (CDJ 300 and above) I can provide my own equipment as well.
My DJ name is : ORE
Osman R. Edin