We’re looking for someone to fulfill our record label internship.

Palaver Records runs a promotion and merchandise company called Soundstamp. As an intern for Palaver Records, you’ll be expected to complete tasks from both companies.

Show Promotion:

Palaver Records and Soundstamp host shows at local venues in Nashville. Our weekly show is branded as Palaver Thursday at fooBAR.too. These shows provide the most direct inside view of our company to bands, consumers, and other industry professionals, which makes it very important to be organized and handle this professionally.

Some tasks include:

– Coordinate promotion with bands
– Create Facebook event page
– Hang posters
– Make creative posts on social media outlets and tag bands
– Submit concert to local event calendars
– Pitch select shows to local blogs for write-ups
– Update company check lists to document progress
– Post photos of shows to blog and tag bands

Database Upkeep:

In order to promote music and artists effectively it is important to make sure contact lists are up to date. Once a year or before a big push interns introduce themselves to contacts and makes changes to the list according to what outlets are defunct or account for any faculty changes.

Promotional Campaigns:

When pitching new music to radio, blogs, magazines, etc. it is important to maintain professional communications. Organizational skills are a must. Allowing these outlets to report on our artists easily creates for an effective campaign. All materials must be ready to go an easily available.

Some tasks include:

– Drafting promo materials: press releases, One Sheets, general email pitches
– Forwarding responses to campaign manager
– Following up with contacts
– Answering any questions in a timely manner
– Updating the campaign contact spreadsheet to document progress

Misc. Tasks:

-Performing basic website maintenance
-Researching any details for the many events/projects Palaver Creative coordinates
-Participate in brainstorming sessions

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About Palaver Records

At Palaver Records, we realize it is not an affiliation with a record label that makes a music act successful, but a partnership between artists and their representation. Our drive is to become more than representation, but a community of talented professionals who provide for artists at all levels of success. Our far-reaching expertise allows us to work with any artist, and to meet a countless variety of needs. Always learning, our knowledge of current technologies is relentlessly up to date. At Palaver Records, each artist is viewed uniquely, and we consider ourselves partners and collaborators at all levels. With shared responsibility, we can all become successful, honor our core values, and reach a lot more ears.