Looking for someone with extensive knowledge of the house and techno and electronic music industries who has relationships with artists, managers, labels, and event companies to be a Sales Associate.

Job Duties:

  • Prospect and reach out to potential clients
  • Send information to potential clients
  • Follow up with potential clients
  • Keep detailed reports and spreadsheets using Excel


  • 1-2 years sales experience
  • Proven track record
  • Ability to close deals
  • Bachelor’s Degree preferable

Compensation TBD


About Enroot PR

Enroot PR works with its clients to fit their needs and budget and guarantees results while adding promise and ubiquity throughout the House & Techno Music scene. Enroot PR aims to prolong one's career in the Electronic Music Industry and increase one's fan base, viewership, and engagement. Specifically targeting highly trafficked House & Techno websites, blogs, magazines, radio shows, podcasts, and internet TV broadcasts that are curated according to reader and viewer preference.

Creating a quality PR and Marketing campaign is essential to gaining traction in this highly competitive and oversaturated industry. The business of music is a treacherous one with millions of artists trying to get their foot in the door. Enroot PR has spent years building and maintaining relationships throughout the music and entertainment industry in order to connect the artist to the world. We have established trusting relationships with major brands throughout the globe via social media and various events in order to serve as a mediator for great music.

Whether you call yourself an artist, DJ, producer, promoter, event planner, label manager, or all of the above; Enroot PR will work with you in order to create an effective campaign to weed through the clutter and steer you through to the right direction in order to sell more music, get more gigs, and get you into the spotlight. Your job is to deliver music to the consumer and our job is to create consumer awareness. We can't help you make your music sound amazing but we can help make your amazing sounding music be heard.

We have affordable rates for a numerous amount of services and are willing to work within any budget. We can work with you on short-term campaigns as well as long-term campaigns and also offer payment plans and allow you to pay in installments. Please contact us to speak with us about your career goals and objectives or if you simply want to try us out for your next release or event and #AdvanceYourHype.