To assist servers in providing exceptional service while maintaining dining room cleanliness and clearing and setting table within 2 minutes.
Service Execution
Perform station opening/closing duties each shift
Set up/break down and continual maintenance of Service beverage areas
Restock glassware in service area and bar area
Restock ice
Polish silverware used in silverware roll-ups
Roll silverware
Clear and clean all plates and glassware from tables
Reset tables in a timely manner
Ensure tables are being set according to BJ’s guidelines for tables, booths and bar tops
Make sure the chairs and floors around tables are clean
Bring all dishware to the dish room
Maintain continuous restroom checks
Assists with pre-clearing plates at tables
Assists with beverage refills
Assists with wrapping of leftover food following BJ’s wrapping procedures
Strong understanding of Clearer and Setter responsibilities
Strong understanding of “Zoning” as it applies to Service Assistant job duties
Strong understanding of financial responsibilities with breakage
Notifies manager of any problems with equipment or breakage that would affect the supply of necessary items for service
Notifies the manager of any guest complaints no matter how small it may seem
Able to prioritize
Maintain personal health and sanitation standards
Review work procedures and operational problems in order to determine ways to improve service, performance and safety.
Maintain clean uniform and understands that he/she is always on stage
Ensure 100% compliance with all Company policies and laws, including health and safety standards.

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