Constantly provides customers with accurate information about the venue and property as well as entertainment offered in each.
Buffs, polishes and washes/cleans glassware to maintain a stock of glassware that is ready for service at all times.
Works to anticipate the needs of the Bartender at all times, assisting them however necessary.
Works with a sense of urgency to anticipate customer needs and assist other team members when the opportunity arises.
Communicates with management, and service staff immediately to rectify any and all customer needs and requests or incidents.
Removes all trash from bar area, following venue protocol for storage, handling and transportation of waste materials.
Adheres to all established policies, procedures and guidelines.
Complies with all state and federal liquor laws
Must be able to stand or walk a minimum eight-hour shift & work inside assigned bar area in the venue
Must be able observant and quick to respond to various situations while also multitasking and handling stressful situations.
Must be able to operate: two and six wheel carts, juice, soda and liquor guns, cutting boards, espresso machine, ice machines, shot glasses, mixers, pourers, blenders.
Must be able to twist, tow (push or pull), reach, bend climb and carry objects as necessary.
Must be able to lift up to 60 pounds and manually push/pull up to 150 pounds.
Must be able to work in a fast pace and high-volume environment in the presence of areas containing second hand smoke, high noise levels, dancing, bright lights and dust and communicate during this time – sometimes within a small area.
Must be able to work inside and outside at all times of the year as needed, based upon business volumes.
A minimum of one year of experience in a high volume, service focused environment.
Must have a working knowledge of spirits, wine and beer as well as all other products offered.
All staff members must be self-motivated, constantly striving to improve their already extensive knowledge of beverages.
Must exhibit a focused attention to detail, while working in a high-pressure environment.
Must be able to maintain excellent customer service skills while maintaining high service standards.
Must be able to lift and carry heavy trays and equipment in addition to handling delicate objects, such as glassware, without damaging.
Must be fluent in the English language, both written and oral. Multilingual skills are a plus.
Must possess a valid alcohol awareness card and a health card.
Must be 18 years of age or older.

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