You are an experienced engineer with knowledge of building data-driven, user-facing products and features. From search to recommendations, you will build products with a pragmatic yet principled approach, and treat quality measurements and evaluation metrics as first-order concerns. With hacker time and tailored professional development, you will grow alongside industry leaders while helping to shape the future of online audio.
Key responsibilities:

Build and maintain search infrastructure and features at scale.
Build and maintain recommender systems at scale.
Manage large datasets and workflows that are both batch and real-time oriented.
Work and pair with engineers of varied backgrounds, from distributed-systems engineers to machine-learning postdocs.
Generate ideas and novel approaches to build data-driven products and features to meet critical business needs.
Required skills and experience:
Extensive experience in at least two languages such as Scala, Go, Java, Ruby, Python, C, or C++.
Experience building, evaluating, and maintaining data-driven products at scale.
Experience with Hadoop and at least one higher-level abstraction such as Cascading, Scalding, Cascalog, Pig, or Hive.
Experience with stream processing or message-based architectures.
System knowledge to measure and reason about IOPS, storage, memory, CPUs, networks, and their affect on systems that are deployed at scale.
Analytical thinking with a desire to improve the quality of search and recommendations in a quantifiable manner.
Theoretical understanding of text indexing, from academia or work experience.

About SoundCloud

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