Spark Management was started to seek out today’s most talented, unknown artists in the dance music industry. Honing in on producers of all kinds, Spark nurtures these talented individuals to reach a level of their own that is uncontested.

With our beginnings in California, Spark connects producer’s and DJs of all types, with today’s leading Record Labels, Agencies and world renowned event companies.

Never failing to provide an immense amount of dedication, we strive and successfully carve a path of prosperity for each of our clients. With a progressive mindset, always moving forward, Spark works with uniquely talented musicians to develop their passion for music on an international level of success.

About Spark Management

Looking to add 1 person to the team. Must be driven, dedicated, passionate and available at ALL HOURS. Currently managing Armada Music's bass duo, Joyzu, adding on another artist and looking for the right person to help with this. Experience isn't necessary but welcomed. Must be someone who is willing to accept payment based off the amount work you do.