In this role, you will lead the way in revamping our Chef infrastructure, and bring us to the next level of automation and control of our Operations. The role will start off in a “discovery” capacity, where you will take inventory of our current processes and systems, then work with the team to design and build a more efficient, robust CM system and workflow. From there, you will focus on automation of our VMware environment, provisioning new VMs, auto-scaling resources, orchestrating configuration deployments and DR scenarios, etc. You will also be expected to be able to write custom resources and providers (LWRPs) and/or knife plugins in Chef to extend it to meet needs. Familiarity with writing web applications a plus, as you may be asked to contribute to work on in-house tools to facilitate Operational functions, monitoring, and reporting capabilities. We are also looking for someone with a solid Linux systems engineering/administration background, as you will act in a supporting role on our Engineering team and participate in on-call rotation, and help to troubleshoot, administer and monitor our 24×7, global, multiple datacenter environment.
About You
Rhapsody is growing, and we need a Rockstar Automation Engineer to help us automate all the things. We are looking for someone who is primarily a programmer, but who also has a strong Engineering and System Administration background. Some like to call it “DevOps”. You should have 5+ years of development experience with programming, primarily in Ruby, 2+ years of developing and administering Chef, and 2+ years of Linux systems operations experience.

Intimately familiar with Chef and managing a complex infrastructure with it.
Git/Github – setting up repos, administering pull requests, code reviews, etc.
Cookbook versioning, environment based constraints, etc.
Administering SVN repos, code check in/out/merge.
Setting up yum repositories.
Administering Kickstart, PXE boot environments.
Perl – we have a lot of legacy perl scripts out there that you may need to help debug and/or rewrite.
Administering VMware ESXi and vCenter environments.
Powershell – mostly as it relates to vCenter. We don’t do a whole lot of Windows.
VMware apis/cli/scripting.
Linux systems configuration and performance tuning skills.
Nice to Have
Rundeck, vCO, vCAC, or some other type of workflow system.
BerkShelf, test-kitchen, chef-spec, foodcritic, Jenkins.
Zabbix monitoring/api integration.